Thursday, July 10, 2008

Johnathan has a "Leelee"

Some of you may know what a "Leelee" is, but for those of you in the dark I'll explain. The history of the Leelee is as follows. It is a piece of fabric, usually in the form of a blanket, but it can really be any fabric with a satiny sort of feeling to all or part of it. A Leelee is used to bring comfort, and you may see children holding on to it while sucking their thumb, falling asleep, or just holding it in general as a sort of security blanket.

Yesterday, Johnathan was getting sleepy (he does this cute little thing now where he'll rub his eyes with his hands when he gets really tired, so precious!) and he kept trying to hold on to the fabric on his shirt. So, I thought to myself, this is the perfect moment to introduce his Leelee to him. I gave him his little blankie with a satin edge on it, and he grabbed it and fell asleep pretty quick. It was sooooo cute! Now, if he's like some other Leelee lovers I know (you know who you are!), then he'll carry around this little blankie until it's a pile of tattered fabric, but he'll still love it just the same, and that's how it should be!


Greta said...

Way to go Johnny!! Glad to see your mother has properly introduced you to the delightful world of having a Leelee. I remember ccountless times of searching for mine when I had lost before bed because I 'couldn't sleep without it!' And to this day it has a prominent place on my bed. Love you guys!!

Love your aunt,

Dad said...

Ah, the simple pleasures of a Leelee...


buscher3 said...

Ha...we have one of those. We only let her use it at nap/bedtime. In Zoe's almost first year of life, it's become like her cue to sleep. She knows what her bed is for, but when we give her her little blankie, it's like instant permission to sleep. We take one on long car rides with us too, and it keeps her on her typical schedule. Too funny, huh?

Gail said...

ADORABLE! Is that the one I gave him? (wink ;0)


Aunt Fay