Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Johnny goes to Space!!!

Yesterday on our big date, Baby Cakes and I looked all over for a special treat for him...since he was being such a good baby and all! J/K I really don't want to be one of those parents who bribe their kids with a treat if they'll behave. I had planned on buying him this toy whether he behaved or not! And, at this point, he's too little to have to behave anyways! So, after looking far and wide, we found this cute "space ship" at a local resale shop here in C.C. As soon as we walked in the door of the store I saw about 25 brand new baby walkers! Yay! It was just what I was looking for! As soon as we got back home Johnny set off for his first space adventure, and as you can tell from the pictures, he seemed to like it! Luckily, his favorite planet to visit was Earth, so he didn't have to go too far, and he was home in time for dinner! :)

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greta said...

Haha what a chub he is now! So cute! When he was little I was thinking of how much he looks like Aaron but now that he is a little older there is no question you are his Mommy!! Love the spaceship.

Love you all,

p.s. with school and all you guys need to come up sometime so I can see him too!!