Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Paparazzi is Back! ;)

You may have thought that I had taken a break from the camera, but oh, no. I've been just as active as ever, and have saved up quite a few pics of Baby J. from the last several days. I'm sure that Johnathan feels quite the celebrity baby, seeing as pretty much everything that he does warrants a "photo shoot." Whether I have him pose for the shots or catch some candid glimpses into his little baby life, he has to wonder why all the flashing lights?! Smile baby, you're on camera...again! I hope that y'all enjoy these most recent pictures of our precious boy.


Kramer said...

He is so cute!

I made Jason get up off of the couch and come and look at his cuteness. He is THAT cute!

Thanks for sharing!

p.s. it says i'm posting as 'kramer' which would be my hubby!

Vanessa and John said...

Grace, he is such a beautiful baby! I love the pic where he's sleeping with his arms up!! SO sweet! Can i add your blog link on mine?

Amy said...

What a little cutie!

Precious Moments said...

Lots and lots of fun, new pictures!! I enjoyed them, I cant wait to play dress up and have photography sessions!!

Kristi said...

WOW Grace, Johnathan is like the cutest little Cabbage Patch doll ever! I love his big brown eyes and handsome eyelashes, not to mention his sweet smile and chubby cheeks. He seems like such a happy baby. I bet it's because he has the best mommy caring for him all day!