Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Love in the little things

Several weeks before Johnathan was born, Aaron and I were talking about what we thought he'd look like, and what we were both hoping for. I said that I wanted our baby to look like his daddy. Aaron said that he wanted his son to have crooked pinkies just like his mommy's.

While I was waiting in recovery after Johnathan's birth, one of the first things that Aaron told me about our sweet boy was, "Grace, his pinkies are crooked!" Never have two parents been so overjoyed by what may seem to others a defect! As soon as the nurses brought Johnathan to me I looked at his tiny little hands and fingers, and sure enough, my own hands were staring back at me in miniature! It was one of my most favorite things to discover about my little boy.

Well, I got to thinking about how God knew the desires of our hearts before we did ourselves. There are a lot of things about Johnathan that just blow me away and cause me to marvel at the Lord's handiwork. The fact that his little fingers curve in just like mine do makes me smile, and it's comforting to know that God cares about our little desires and wants too. God's gift of Johnathan to us lets me know just how much He loves me, but it's His love in the little things that says it the loudest.


Precious Moments said...

That is the sweetest picture ever with the two of yalls hands...made me smile!

Dad said...

Love those sweet pinkies!

Chin L Tong said...

My pinkies are crooked while my wife's aren't, both of our sons' pinkies are crooked. so cute.