Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Grammy Style"

Several months ago, when Johnathan was a wee baby, he got a pretty bad diaper rash while we were up visiting my folks. I remember changing one of his wet diapers, after my mom had changed him previously, and upon opening up the diaper I was shocked (in a good way) at how much of the diaper rash cream was still on his little bum. I guess I started to laugh or something, because my mom came over and said something like "I'm not going to let him have a rash on my watch!" She had put so much desitin on him it looked like his bottom was iced like a cake! Well, it worked, and the rash went away quick!

Anyways, Johnathan has another nappy rash, and every time I change his diaper I think of my mom, and I slather on the ointment "Grammy-Style!" The other day when I told Aaron that I thought that Johnathan's rash was getting better, he even said "the other night when I changed him, I put on the cream Grammy-Style!" So, Grammy, thanks for warming our thoughts with something as simple as putting on diaper rash cream! You're the BEST!!! We love you!


Gail said...

Awww yes...desitin. I can still remember the smell of that sharp, fresh scent from changing Treb's diapers! I can just imagine his wee bum iced all up like a cake. :) Cute! Glad he's on the mend, Grammy style!

Glenna said...

Haha this is great! Grammy-style indeed! I remember when she said that and man did she lather it on!

Greta said...

This is great, Gracie! I rememeber when Mom was doing that and that smell is definitely a unique one. It's also funny to think now that Gail changed my diapers almost 15 years ago. I guess we're getting old!