Saturday, August 15, 2009

Turns out it wasn't food poisoning after all...

...what I was convinced was food poisoning a few days ago, turns out to be a stomach bug---Aaron got it, poor Johnathan got it, and even my sweet sister came down with it...bad time to visit her adoring nephew! I feel just awful for them all, but I am glad that I had it first so that I can take care of them! And, to top off our not-so-great weekend, our air conditioning went out last night! Can you imagine?!!! Horrible timing, huh?! We already had the A/C guy come to look at it, and he said that it's pretty bad...I don't understand A/C lingo, but whatever the problem is, a part has to be ordered Monday which should come Tuesday...and then Tuesday evening the A/C guy is coming to put it in. Please pray that we find ways to stay cool, and that everyone starts to feel good soon...especially my baby and my sister. Thank you!

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