Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last night the STARS organization that I'm helping head up had family night at a local attraction-FunTrackers. It has go-carts, miniature golf and other fun games, and was the perfect place to hold a family event. We all had a great time...especially the dads who all got together to race each other on the "pro" would have thought that they were NASCAR drivers the way the were all puffed up when they finished their "race." You could definitely tell that the testosterone was running in full gear! ;)

We tried to put Johnathan on the double-rider go-cart, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it...I guess all the loud noise sort of scared him. He had fun eating though, and downed his cheeseless pizza with gusto! Maybe when he's bigger he'll enjoy riding with mommy or daddy. I took one turn myself, and had the time of my life---it sure felt good, almost like I was a kid again!

Stay tuned for an update on an old-turned-new venture of mine...I'm really excited about it! Love y'all!

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