Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just because you have something...

Last night I had a lot of time to myself. Johnathan went down early, and Aaron was up at work until almost 11pm delivering a baby of one of his patients...(side note: Aaron performed his first unassisted C-Section! I'm talking he was the surgeon! How cool is that!!! Can you believe that he is able to do that?!!! It's so cool that he is able to do surgeries, and a major one at that! Mom and baby are doing great, and Aaron is the #1 doctor in the world...or at least in my heart!)...anyways, back to my night.

Since I had some time alone, I continued my decorating quest, and I also had time to reflect on what's in my house. First of all, I was thinking that just because you have something doesn't mean you have to have it out. Certain areas of my house were looking a little too cluttered for me, and I realized that I can put things away, out of eyesight, and be okay with that. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I realized that just because you have something doesn't mean you have to keep it! Therefore, I have an ever-growing garage sale/give-away pile in my sun room. I have been gathering up stuff for months that could be used better by someone else, and I really need to have a sale sometime soon...of course that presents a problem when I have a little toddler running about. Plus, Aaron already said that I need to do the sale on a weekend that he's working...he doesn't like garage sales! ;)

Anywho, just a few thoughts I've had while cleaning/decorating/de-cluttering!


Gail said...

I totally agree! In fact, I'm looking around at my house right now and thinking, "you need to go, you need to sell, you need to be put away, etc. etc." Gwen is very good at this. She always has just the right amount of stuff out. It lets the individual pieces speak up more, because they aren't being crowded so that they have to "yell" for attention! Good thoughts, Grace!

P.S. Ahem...pics? ;)

LOVE & hugs,


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have time to yourself every once in awhile and way to go to Aaron! My brother-in-law will be starting his residency sometime here soon though.