Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mommy Confessions: Edition 1

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As we all know, children don't come with an instruction manual, so there is a TON about motherhood that you just learn as you go. That being said, I am starting up a new little series here at Johnathan's Daily Buzz entitled "Mommy Confessions." I figured it would be a fun way to sort of log the funny and/or frustrating experiences & thoughts that I've had as a woman on the road of motherhood. For a lot of you new or not so new mothers, I'm sure that you'll be able to relate, so I am "confessing" to you! Here we go.......

.......I Confess That:

-I sometimes go out in public without taking a shower...and sometimes without a stitch of makeup on! It is just hard to cram all I need to do between nap times, so the shower is usually the first to go! (I do usually get one each day at some point though!)

-I have let my son have a couple of pouches of fruit snacks back to back to keep him happy when we're out and about shopping.

-I have given my son a "no-no" swat on the hand for hitting another kid, and then wondered to myself what kind of mixed message that must be to him...hmm, mommy just told me not to hit, but SHE just "hit" me...I'm confused!

-I have at times (okay, frequently) looked forward to naptime so that I can get some stuff done around the house. Is that bad of me???.......I'm thinking not!

-I sometimes will serve Johnathan a meal that does not include veggies...bad mommy!

-I make burp noises (& real ones!) just to make Johnathan laugh!

-I let Johnathan watch probably at least one of his little DVD's every day...sure does come in handy when I need to prepare a meal.

-I still stick my 18 month old boy in the pack'n'play when I need to run and do something (like go pee!) without him. He hasn't learned to climb out of it yet, so I'm not giving it up until he does!

-I still nurse a child who can actually ask to nurse...at least he always says please! (We're working on the weaning process though!)

-I have let the dog "kiss" Johnathan's face...and I haven't rushed to clean him up right away.

-I have talked to Johnathan a bit too loudly when I was upset...and I felt just AWFUL about it after and asked him to forgive me even though he has no clue what that is right now.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, that seems like enough for the first edition of Mommy Confessions. Feel free to comment on some confessions of your own! I can't wait to hear some funny stories from some of y'all!


KellyW said...

I love it! OK, here are some of mine.

1. I get up way too early just to have Me Time and some peace & quiet.

2. I also look forward to nap time EVERY DAY and there's nothing wrong with that. We all have to be alone sometime right?

3. Bedtime is one of my most favorite times of the day and I am not ashamed to say so. Even on the best days, I love the end because I can put Ryan to bed and enjoy things that I want to do with my hubby.

4. I love the daycare at the gym and use it frequently, not only so I can get a great workout, but some Mommy-time as well.

5. I don't shower after my workouts, but wait till nap time after we get home. There just isn't a point and isn't time.

6. Even if it's close to dinner time, if we're out shopping, I will let Ryan much away on snacks to keep him happy in the stroller or cart if he's having a meltdown so I can get things done.

7. I have given up trying to stop Ryan from sucking his thumb in the car (his latest comfort). It isn't worth it and he won't be sucking it in college.

8. The only way I can get Ryan to eat veggies is to mix them in his applesauce. Therefore at every lunch & dinner, applesauce is served...sigh....At least he eats his veggies...lol!

Alison said...

Girl...you're a mom, not a supermom! There's no such thing! You're doing a great job. I could check off almost lots of those...the looking forward to naptime and bedtime just for a time of peace and quiet, the swatting for hitting, the talking too loudly in a moment of lost patience, and last but not least, the almost daily routine of not getting a shower in until after noon. It just happens!

Aldape family said...

You are so not horrible for any of that! I think any mom would be crazy not to look forward to naptime!
Here are a few confessions of mine...
I have worked out at the gym and left Ava in their childcare while I took at shower and got ready for the day at the gym, I am a dental Hygienist who sometimes for gets to brush Ava's teeth at night (lately she has been reminding me though!) and my child locked herself in a camper while i stepped outside for just a sec! Opps! Happy mothering