Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Friday & Giveaway Day!

Good morning and Happy Friday! Even though I stay at home with Johnathan, and almost every day feels like a Saturday to me, I am always happy when the real weekend rolls around. And this weekend I actually get to spend time with Aaron---he worked pretty much all last weekend---so it is nice when I get to have him home! He is planning on continuing the process to get his medical license this weekend---HE PASSED HIS STEP 3 BOARD EXAM---WOOHOO!!! So I'm sure that we'll be home-bound for most of the weekend, but that is just fine with me! I just like having him around!

After I posted yesterday about our "double boy day", things continued to go well. Lunch time was a bit of a challenge since our one high-chair had to be shared. I fed the baby his bottle before Johnathan woke up from his nap, and then once Baby J. was up I put him in the high chair and had the baby in the pack'n'play with us in the kitchen. As Johnathan ate his "big boy" food I fed his little friend some puffs as he walked around the side of the play pen. Then, once Johnathan was finished, I put the baby in the high chair, put Johnathan in the pack'n'play so that I could keep an eye on him and fed our buddy for the day some baby food. It worked out pretty well juggling the two different meals. And I was even able to sneak in a few bites before they both woke up. So we were all fat and happy after lunch time was over!

Today is a bit of a lazy day around the hive. It's raining here - pretty hard in fact - and J. is currently enjoying a nap to the sound of the downpour. I just finished getting my giveaway ready for Ruby Moon Designs which you can read about here. Before Johnathan went down for his nap I let him have some unbridled fun exploring one of the cabinets in the bathroom. The end result looked like this:

What you don't see are the tubes of lipstick that got totally destroyed and the sweet boy with gooey lotion and red lip stick all over his precious little hands! (And that's only because I forgot to take this pic until after Johnathan was already down for his nap...oh, well!) He had lots of fun getting everything out and rearranging all the items in the drawers inside the cabinet. I just sat on the floor mat and watched him have fun. It's so interesting to see him try to figure things out...and I just loved watching his curiosity.

Well folks, that's all for now. Head over to Ruby Moon Designs if you want a chance to win one of these! Have a great weekend!

Sterling Silver & Tiger's Eye Earrings...with some "mystery" gemstones

Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal & Amazonite Gemstone Sea Glass Inspired Earrings

Vintage Inspired Nursery Rhyme Reversible Infant/Baby Bib

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Gail said...

Good job on double-boy-duty!'re really brave to let Johnny do his thing in the bathroom, unreservedly. I respect that a lot!

Love you,