Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Johnathan and I had a great day today. We mostly just hung out around the house---horsing around on the floor, playing ball, reading books, and generally enjoying the lovely cool day. After running a few errands, we headed over to see "Arda" (Arden, my sweet cousin and Johnathan's "favorite girl"). He really adores his cousin Arden, and can even say her name. Sometimes he can say the "n" in her name, but mostly it's just Arda! Too cute!

Before we left today, I took a few pics of this little cutie-pa-tootie-booty!

Looks like someone snuck a paci out of his bed! He has three of his current favorite things in this picture: a pacifier, a little red snail and his ball (the ball is an ongoing fave of his!).

What a cute little profile! Isn't this outfit adorable?!! I got it for a few bucks at a children's resale shop here. I almost have him outfitted for the entire fall/winter for probably less than 40 dollars!

Is that not the cutest little heiny ever?!!

Somebody needs another hair-cut...Grammy...you up for taking some snips?!!

His short little legs crack me up! And that head---it's still big! 95th percentile, baby!

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