Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When I was younger...much, much younger...I would carry around my little purse which contained my most prized "smellies!"...which were in fact gum wrappers. Empty of their contents, they still held the scent of what had been previously wrapped in them, and I loved those little bits of sweet smelling paper! I would let other people take a sniff...but not too long, because I didn't want all the smell to get sniffed away, so I would politely ask for them back---or so I'm told!!!

Well, 25 some odd years later and I still LOVE things that smell nice! You can tell I love yummy scents when you walk around my house and behold the vast quantities of candles that I have stashed about our cozy little nest. I just counted, and I have over 40 candles (tealights, votives, pillars and jars) displayed in my home! Dang, I guess I am obsessed with them! Maybe I should light them all at the same time one day and see what happens---I'd probably pass out from scent overload! Haha!

Anyways, my love of "smellies" has been passed on down to Johnathan. I guess he has seen me lighting my candles so often that he now wants in on the action. He asks to hold the candles all the time, and watching him smell them is just too cute. He will say "nan-nul" (his version of candle), and then when I hand him one he does the most precious thing where he scrunches up his nose and sniffs in and out several times, enjoying the wonderful fragrance of the candle. It's pretty cute, and also funny that my "obsession" is that obvious to my 18 month old! Here are some pics of Johnathan enjoying his "smelly!"

This Mulled Cider candle is a favorite of mine (ours!) right now because it evokes all the wonderful things about autumn---which we are just starting to get a taste of down here---although it's still pretty warm in the afternoons!

Johnathan doesn't even wait until he fully awakened before he runs for the "nan-nul"...sleepy little boy!

Look at this precious face! Too adorable!

And here he is ignoring me when I asked him to smell his candle and do his sniffy thing---he just wouldn't do it for the camera...I'm sure that I'll catch him at it sometime though!

Like mommy like son! Enjoy your Thursday, y'all!


Mom said...

Sweet memories of a sweet time in my life. Thank you for the memories! Now I believe that baking some pumpkin bread or heating up some cider is in order!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

How fun and sweet pictures! I used to love walking into Bath and Bodyworks! It's been pretty chilly here though.


Gail said...

I can just imagine you, little purse in hand, holding out a "smelly" for someone to smell....but then politely asking for it back so the smell didn't go away!

Now your sweet little boy is carrying on the tradition of enjoying sweet-smellin' things!

I think I will go light some candles now! My favorite to light right now is a cranberry-scented one. The Sutphins gave it to me and I love it!

P.S. I have a gingerbread one I'm saving for Christmas!

LOVE & hugs,