Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Afternoon at the Country Club

Sunday morning my aunt called us up and invited us to eat brunch with them at the country club---we almost never pass up an opportunity to spend time with my aunt's family---so of course we said yes! I tried to coordinate my outfit with Johnathan...dorky, maybe...but I wanted to look cute alongside my hot little lunch date! Before we left I had Aaron take some pics of us, although as you can tell from the images below Johnathan wasn't exactly in picture-taking mode. You can still see how cute he was though! (Aaron had just come off of a 26 hr. shift, so he decided to stay home and sleep!)

Here we are...Johnathan is making what I call his "cherub" face...
doesn't he look like a little angel?!

And here we are again...this time Johnathan has a total mischievous little boy look on his face!

Chasing after one of his favorite buddies, cousin Kenny and running away from his cousin Arden.
What a precious little baby boy, or should I say big boy! He LOVES to run now!

Looking at a little bitty baby frog that Kenny found---they were everywhere!

Precious boy of mine!


Gail said...

He is growing up so fast and I barely got to see him when ya'll came up! Boo hoo!

-Auntie Fay

Precious Moments said...

Hey thanks for that cute blog site!!! I also wanted to tell you that your mom is so precious. She seriously blesses my heart, you are very lucky to have her! I am sure you know that already, but hey, I just thought you should know that I think it too! Love you