Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Potty Chronicles

Well folks, it looks like our little dude is potty trained. Since he is pretty brand new to it I'm sure we'll still have some accidents in our future, but I think for the most part we're there. I am so proud of Johnathan, and I'm so happy that he caught on so quickly. This past week has really been fun watching him sort of grow up and become a "big boy" in the area of potty training. He gets so proud when he has gone potty and still gets very excited to show us what he accomplished, haha! It's pretty cute! Also, he has upgraded from going in his little toilet to going in the big potty...I was sick of cleaning that small one out, yuck!

We still have to work on nap/night-time potty training, but I was very encouraged by last night when Johnathan woke up to get me to take him to the bathroom in the middle of the night and was completely dry in his diaper this morning, woohoo!

So, that's the latest edition of the potty chronicles. Now I just have to figure out what to do when he has to go when we're out and about...public restrooms scare me! Anybody have any good ideas for that? I'm tempted to put his small potty in the car and just have him go there when we're out, haha, wouldn't that be a sight?!! ;)

Happy Super-Bowling!


goatpod2 said...

Way to go Johnathan! We have taken my niece's in public bathrooms, we put toilet paper down before they sit on it though, the only thing 2 of my niece's were scared of in the public restrooms was the flush. My oldest brother has taken me and my sister into public restrooms when we were little and he just held us over the toilet so we couldn't touch anything!



The Allen Family said...

I am with you on the public restrooms!!! Addy has wanted to use them before and we used toilet paper (she is not potty trained, just wanted to for fun), but she is scared of them now because of the automatic flush! : (

Ivy said...

I have carried small pottys in the car with me... but then it spilled. ouch. Now I just prefer a water bottle. (that is the good thing with boys.) just let him pee in it and the screw the lid back on. Just don't get confused with bottle in the cup holder is off limits for drinking.... :-)

Oh and have you heard of the go-girl? I am so going to use that for my daughter if I ever have one.

Gail said...

I'm so proud of Johnathan too! I'm equally as glad for your sake! I only hope we have as easy of a time when it's time to potty train Cole! Wow, thats weird to think about.

As far as public there maybe something disposable you can bring to lay down on the seat (or maybe washable...although that sounds like a hassle). TP always seems to slip off for me, but it also works and it's right there. I like Ivy's idea of the bottle...haha. So long as he doesn't start peeing in all the cups and bottles while at home!

Love you,

Practically Ava said...

Yay! Way to go Johnathan! ......yes so now comes the scary part public restrooms!!! yikes! ....I make Ava sit on the potty a good while before we leave the house to do anything. This does not completely eliminate having to use public restrooms but it does help some. We (David) has been know to completely undress her from the waist down and have her stand on the potty while she squats and goes "ti-ti" ........yes this is very uncouth but the first time he did this I thought it was quite clever!! This may be a little more difficult with a boy!!! far as going number two...i do the whole lay the toilet paper down and sit her down. I always stand in front of her and make her hold my hands, because she has a natural tendency to want to hold on to the potty! GROSS! ....I am sure you will find a system that works for y'all!!! Good luck!
love ya