Thursday, February 10, 2011



...I was awakened by the sweetest little boy who told me, "wake up, mommy, it's a sunshine day!"

...I heard the happy gurgles from my precious baby as he played in bed while I had some snuggle time with big brother.

...I scarfed down a piece of toast for breakfast which would be the only I got a chance to eat until about 4 o'clock...busy day!

...I ran Johnathan to school where he proudly showed all his little friends the gift bags he made them for the Valentine's party and told them excitedly..."today is a Treat Day!"

...I rushed back to Eli (home with daddy) to feed him before heading out to the pediatrician's...again...for the sixth time in a month's period...ugh!

...I told the doc about Eli's stubborn cough and got help for my baby boy...more meds and breathing treatments...hopefully he'll be better soon.

...I ran errands with a sleep-deprived but incredibly happy little dude. He was a trooper!

...I gave Eli a breathing treatment and wanted to scream out in frustration because he fought it the whole time...such a pain!

...I picked up Johnathan from school...Johnathan who went all day at school in his big boy undies and kept them dry! Woohoo!

...I took my boys back home for rest/nap time.

...I made a sandwich...and ate it so fast you would have thought I was starving...which I probably was!...okay, not really, but I was really hungry!

...I had to go through the Valentine's treats that Johnathan's friends gave him and take out all the ones with dairy in them...he had 2 suckers left...and I wanted to cry...maybe it's silly, but it makes me sad that he has to miss out even in little things like that...BUT, I refilled all the little candy boxes with dairy-free treats that we had at the house, so he'll never know what he's missing. (Side Note: The other day Johnathan and I made cookies together...dairy-free of course, although I didn't mention that fact to him...anyways, afterward Johnathan was sitting down with a plate of fresh cookies, happy as could be, and he looked up at me with his bright cheerful face, showed me a cookie, and said, "Look, Mom, no dairy on it!"...he is getting to understand that he can't have certain things and gets excited over what he can have. Sweet boy!)

...I gave Eli another breathing treatment...and I outlasted his struggling 'til he finally gave in and let me administer the treatment...phew!

...I spent time with my boys, all three of them, and enjoyed just being with them.

...I found a piece of poop on the floor! Yuck! Don't ask me how it got there, because I have no clue...and don't ask me how I know it was poop...I just did...and I am pretty sure I know from who...but don't ask me that either! ;)

...I washed my hands...and vacuumed the floor.

...I made dinner for my little dudes and enjoyed being their evening entertainment as they ate. I don't know what it is about having kids, but man, it brings out the silly in me! I am such a goofball, and I crack them up on a regular basis being a crazy mommy. It's so much fun to make them laugh!

...I managed to get us all showered and jammies on without much incident.

...I may or may not have sort of yelled at Eli to stop squirming and pulling out the tube from his nebulizer during another breathing treatment. I apologized later...seriously, who yells at a baby?! (Me!)

...I nursed my sweet boy to sleep and he is sleeping still, several hours later...praise!

...I got to read and hang out with Johnathan without any distraction, something that I love.

...I was asked to have "one more snuggle" with my cuddly little dude and happily obliged. I {love} that Johnathan is a snuggler. He loves to cuddle at the end of the day and during the day he loves to hug me and lavish his sweet little boy kisses on me. It's so precious.

...I made some coffee so I could relax...weird, but coffee does that for me.

...I caught up on reading all my favorite blogs!

...I realize that I have the most blessed life...the life that I've always wanted...and no, it's not perfect and neither am I...but boy, what a life!

Nighty-night, y'all!



Gail said...

What a full day! I loved reading your "day in the life of" sweet. I can relate to rushed meals, having my crazy side come out, feeling like a moment alone is a luxery, and feeling like the most blessed person ever. Yay for children....they surely are a gift from God! Oh, and that comment from Johnathan....too precious!!

Love you all,

Gail (aka Auntie Fay)

goatpod2 said...

What a fun & busy day!