Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seriously...Could it be THIS easy???!!!

Okay, so last week we "officially" started to potty train. Ever since this past summer we've done a little off and on, mostly to introduce Johnathan to the concept of going in the toilet and not in his diaper, but I have never really started it up because, well, I was just dreading it, haha! BUT, I didn't want Johnathan getting too much older before we started, so last Wednesday I pulled myself together and as soon as Johnathan got up in the morning we put on his "big boy underwear"...cute little Thomas the Train ones...and started. I asked him about every 20 minutes or so if he needed to go so that we didn't miss any opportunities...he always said no, and when he tried to sit on the potty nothing we kept going about our daily routine with potty breaks, or potty "tries" in between.

Me: "Johnathan, do you need to pee-pee?"

Johnathan: "No."

Me: "Okay, well tell mommy if you need to go and we'll go to your potty."

Johnathan: "Okay."

Not even a minute later and he comes trotting into the kitchen, underwear soaked with pee and leaving a trail of wet back into the living room...(silent ugh!)...but it's our first day so I expected accidents and cleaned it up, put a new pair of underwear on Johnathan and we kept going.

Me: "Johnathan, do you need to pee-pee?"

Johnathan: "No."

Me: "Okay, well tell mommy if you need to go and we'll go to your potty."

Johnathan: "Okay."

Probably just mere seconds later and I caught him in the middle of going #2 and we rushed to the bathroom for a partial success...(another silent ugh, followed by lots of praise to Johnathan for what did end up in the toilet)...and we kept on going.

Me: "Johnathan, do you need to pee-pee?"

Johnathan: "No."

Me: "Okay, well tell mommy if you need to go and we'll go to your potty."

Johnathan: "Okay."

...and I kept asking and asking...

...and he peed on his chair during time out...haha...but seriously, great...(some not so silent ugh's) and off come the cushion covers and thrown in the soiled underwear pile to get washed later...

...then he peed all over his floor in his room...more undies tossed, another floor cleaned, haha...(more silent and not silent ugh's)...

...and of course he peed all over his bed and favorite stuffed animal...and the wash pile was getting pretty big at this point!...and then we stopped. Call me a quitter but after 5 straight accidents I was ready for a break. After the morning we'd had I didn't dare try to see if he could take his rest time in his underwear. So I congratulated him for lots of good tries and the diaper went back on.

Over the weekend we were busy and didn't work on it. Maybe we should have, but didn't, oh well.

Monday. Several accidents. Several successes, especially toward the end of the day. I was very happy with how things were progressing.

Tuesday, took him to school wearing a pull-up so he could use the potty there. When I picked him up his teacher said that he hadn't used the bathroom all day but that his pull-up was still dry...we went to the potty and he went right away! Yay! When we got home he wanted to use his potty and for the remainder of the day he just used the potty when he had to go to the bathroom. him up and put on the Thomas undies...he stayed in ONE pair all day...10 successes...NO accidents!!! After the first several times he didn't even need me to ask him if he had to go, he just would go in to his potty when he needed to! Awesome!

Today...same story...same clean undies (well, a new pair for today, obviously!) from morning 'til bedtime...we even left the house and he stayed dry while we were out! I am totally amazed by how quickly he caught on, especially after last Wednesday was such a rough start. Could it really be this easy? He doesn't want to wear a diaper now, and wanted to wear his underwear to bed, so I guess that will be our next challenge. I am super stoked to think that he is well on his way to being day-time potty trained though, it is wonderful! I haven't had to change his diaper, aside from taking off his night time one, in 3 days!!! Woohoo!!! ;)

Here are some pics of our big boy...and some of the little one, too! ;)

He's been running around the house with just his undies and t-shirt...makes it so much easier for him when he's going to the potty all by himself to not have to worry about pants...and I just love seeing his cute little legs!
So proud of his big boy underwear...I think the Thomas ones really did the trick...he really likes Thomas the Train!

Sweet Eli sitting up like a big boy!
This little guy is super active and wants to do so much these days...he adores his big brother and is a daddy's boy...when Aaron leaves the room he just bawls and's so cute!

Hope y'all are staying warm. We're getting some cold weather here, but I'm such a cold-weather wimp and have our heat cranked up to almost 80, so we're nice and toasty! Heehee!

Lotsa love!


goatpod2 said...

Keep up the good work Johnathan! Eli is cute too.

It has been cold here as well and it was even colder without the power, it finally came back on last night at about 9PM (EST). But we do have a propane generator though.



Gail said...


I commend you for sticking with it. Good for you! They say kids just know when they're ready...I guess it's the same for Johnathan. Good job Johnathan!!

Eli...oh my goodness. He already looks so different and grown up from Christmas! Ahh!


KellyW said...

Way to go Johnathan!! That is awesome that he caught on so fast. Ryan still wants nothing to do with the potty. I am anxious for the day that he does!