Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eli's {1st} Christmas...and other fun pics

Christmas has come and gone quite a while ago, but this momma has been lacking in the blog posting, and poor lil' Eli hasn't even gotten recognized for his 1st ever Christmas...so, here we go, get ready for major photo overload! We were blessed to be able to spend Turkey Day to Jesus' birthday up in Big D, and here are some glimpses of our time there...

Making Gingerbread houses with Aunt Glo!
Good job sharing, Levi!
A rare photo of Aaron and me
Add ImageMe and Gwen with our big boys.
One of Eli's first tastes of big boy food!
Playdate with cousin, Miles
Eli, 7 months
Reading with "Unca Brosky"
My sweet momma, snuggling with precious baby Cole, the newest nephew!
Our four boys, December 19, 2010
Me and my little men
Sweet Ava Joy, our delightful niece
Cute cousins!
Chillin' at Nana & Papi's house
Precious girl!
Being goofy with my man!
I just can't get enough of this little girl!
Our Aldape Christmas!
Happy boy!
Baby Cole
Pretty Gloria!
Glenna, modeling her apron!
Grebbie with lil' Cole
Continuing a Christmas tradition!
Mommy & Eli!
Our sweet lil' man with Mom and Dad
Silly Baby!
Lookie what Santa put in the stocking!!!
Little Mer-man baby, haha!
Uncle Grant thought it would be funny to see what Eli's bald spot looked like with a face on it...
...here's the "real" deal...
...and here's Eli's "other" face...some people really do have eyes on the back of their heads! ;)
Cute lil' dudes, Levi, Johnathan and Miles.
Our wonderful Papa & Mema
Aldape Family Stockings, Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas morning!
"Look what I got!"
Happy 1st Christmas, Eli!
Trying Johnathan's new bike!
Eli ridin' the chopper, vroom, vroom!
Precious boy!
Eli and Geenz!
What a beautiful auntie you have Eli!
The many faces of Baby Santa...the annoyed face...
...the huh, you talkin' to me? face...
...the oops, I think I just let one slip face...
...the I know I'm just a baby but I can have attitude too face!
Baby Cole's first Christmas too!

*Some of these photos are out of order...but I just don't have the time or energy to fix them...sorry!*

Lil toot!
Eli and Grammy!
Puzzle from Uncle Grant, thanks Brosky!
Probably my favorite pic of Eli's first Christmas!
I love you, sweet boy...and Auntie Glo, love you too!
Eli Robert, Christmas 2010!
Biggest Sis and Littlest Sis!
Little shepherd boys for the Christmas Eve play at Grandma's
Little techies!
Mer-Bear and Monkey-boy!
Ooh-la-la! ;)
Eli's debut as Baby Jesus.
Christmas Eve, 2010
Christmas Eve
Kisses for the angel baby.
"I-li" (eye-lie as Johnathan says Eli's name)
Arden & Eli

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Over and out,


The Allen Family said...

I love the picture of Eli in the stocking!! So cute!! You made a beautiful Mary!! We need to get together sometime before you guys make your big move!! I love seeing all your pictures!

Gail said...

Gracie, I loved reliving the holidays with this post. Thanks for posting so many photos. ;) I really like the ones of you and Aaron...and of course I didn't mind that my little man made the cut. ;) And as always....your sweet boys are adorable! Those santa ones of Eli are hilarious! What great documentation of his first Christmas! It makes me wish I had taken more of Cole. Oh well!

Love you lots and miss you,


goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed all the pictures!