Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Aquarium with Nana & Coloring in the Picture

On Sunday we had a visit from Nana who got to spend the night with us and was able hang out with us Monday. We went to one of our favorite spots with her...the Aquarium!...and boy, was it crowded! We had forgotten all about the crazy crowds that tend to gather here 'round Spring Break time...but luckily with our season pass we got to skip the line...probably a hundred feet or so...and get right in! Score! ;)

Johnathan loves touching the sting rays!
Waiting for the right moment to snag a ray!
Eli enjoyed hanging out with his Nana!
And Johnathan and Nana enjoyed walking around looking at the sights... the big gator in this exhibit!

This morning while hanging out with Dada, Johnathan realized that the "picture" on Daddy's back was not colored in, haha! He went to get his markers to complete the picture, heehee!
Now that is better! All colored in!

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I like the coloring in on Aaron's "picture"-cute! Who knows, maybe in the future Johnathan's little boys will be doing that to him:)

Love ya,

Gail said...

Gracie...that's too cute about Johnathan feeling the need to color in Aaron's tattoo. He's a super cutie...inside and out!

Love you,