Monday, March 7, 2011

A Week {More or Less} in Pics

We enjoyed a beautiful week here this past week. The boys (minus daddy) have been well, the weather has been lovely and Aaron's work load has been relatively light, so we've enjoyed lots of time with Dada. Those are the best kind of weeks! We did all sorts of fun things last week...played outdoors a lot, went to the park & the beach, Johnathan got to go to school both days during the week and Mommy and Eli went shopping (I am enjoying being down to my "regular" size!), went to a birthday party, went to watch a college baseball game at the local minor league baseball in free since Aaron was a doc, haha!...and had fun at home too. It was a good week, and so far this week is off to a good start too...and Dada is feeling better after being sick for about a week, so that's nice.

Here is our week in pics...

My front of the "Baby Wall"...a recent project that I did which I will blog about soon.

I just had to include this one again! Love this face!
Silly boy!

Eli and I chilled up top while Daddy and Johnathan sat down close to Home Plate.
Kind of camera can only zoom so far and stay in focus.

This kid does crazy things with his eyebrows...haha!

Making cookies with Mama!

The sprinkles are the best part of baking!

And that was our week, more or less, in pics!



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pictures!



Gail said...

Great pictures! Glad y'all had such a wonderful week....sounds like you were able to get out a lot! Yay! I love spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. It's delightful!

Love you,