Monday, March 7, 2011

Mama Bear at the Chick & Birds that Poop on Babies

I love Chick-Fil-A...probably my favorite fast food place of all today, being the sunny day that it is, I decided that eating at the Chick would be the perfect place for lunch. They have a fun play place outside but under the shade too...double the fun!

We got there without any hitches, got our lunches and headed out to play/eat. And then it became one of those days where you feel like the mom who has all the bad luck and who people look on with pity. Something must have been in that famous Chick-Fil-A iced tea because all the kids were going crazy, Johnathan included...who doesn't really need anything to put a little crazy in him. At one point a kid several years older than Johnathan...I'm guessing about 7 or 8...was up at the top of the play set tunnel thingy and apparently he and his friends were playing a game of trying to get away from the little boy. Anyways, I was watching the whole thing, mainly to check on Johnathan and his reaction to all the chaos, and that little boy pushed Johnathan out of the way and said "get out of the way, little boy!" I know that kids do stuff like this, heck Johnathan isn't an angel by any means, but this is the first time that I've seen someone be mean to my little boy! You can bet that this mama stood up for her young and gave that kid the what for...okay, kidding, but I did tell the little rambunctious dude to not push my child followed by telling Johnathan to play nice as well for good measure. Phew. Crazy kids.

During all the commotion little Eli, who was happily gnawing away at a waffle fry got pooped on by the annoying grackles who insisted on trying to steal our lunches. It was all over his shirt and pants but he didn't care and was content so long as his mouth was full of french fry. Sweet thing.

After Johnathan had a few too many incidents of other little children running up to their mommies saying "the boy in the green shirt is being mean" we left. But not before Johnathan tried to scare off some of those pesky birds by throwing lava rocks at them in the parking lot and nearly pelting some poor woman. Yes, I was that mom with that kid apologizing and running quickly out to the car.

I think that moments like today are good though. No one is perfect. We are all (hopefully) in a process of learning how to behave in certain situations, react correctly when others don't, and it is good to stay humble. Really humble even. And, I always like having a good story to blog about, so it's all good, heehee! ;)

Happy Monday (again!)...;)

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Gail said...

Oh funny and dreadful all in one! Speaking of Mama Bears, I already see my Mama Bear in me coming's amazing! Yesterday I put Cole in the church nursery for the first time, but not without first asking the girl in charge, "can you make sure he's not around any of the other babies?" I don't want him to get sick! She sorta gave me a weird look. Oh well!

Love you,