Saturday, March 26, 2011


There is so much I could say about this sweet girl...Arden...what a wonderful gift and blessing she has been to us these last 5 years. It's funny, when we moved here five years ago I was excited about getting to know my aunt and the fam better...little did we know that they would become some of our dearest's great when family are friends too, isn't it?! But back to Arden...

She has the sweetest spirit and just adores our boys. She is Johnathan's favorite girl and when I asked him recently who he thought the prettiest girl he has even seen is, without even hesitating he said "Arnen!" He really does love her and I know she loves him just as much too.

Arden is the greatest helper. She really is like a little mother and knows how to handle our boys really well...even when they are in a less than cooperative mood. She is a wonderful playmate and is very imaginative, and we have a great time over at her house hanging out with her.

Arden is a blessing and a dear friend. I've had the joy of meeting with her and her friend on almost a weekly basis to do a study together. I have really enjoyed doing this and have loved getting to spend some quality time with her on a deeper level.

There really are so many wonderful things I could say about this sweet girl, or should I say young lady...but most of all I just want to say that Arden, I love you. Our boys love you and we have been so blessed to have you in our life. You are amazing!

Here is our sweet "Arnen" out on a lunch date with me and the boys.

We {LOVE} you, Arden!!!

With a thankful {heart},


Gail said...

Awe..Gracie, that is so sweet! And what a way to honor sweet Arden. I agree....she is a sweetie! I guess that's why we BOTH chose her to be our flower girls!

Love you too!


Dad said...

Grace, I love your wonderful note sharing such sweet thoughts about Arden. Please be sure to bring her with you when you eventually make the move north. :)

Love you all,