Monday, March 14, 2011

Feelin' The Burn

Lately I have been inspired to get in shape. Maybe it is the spring-like weather that has come to south Texas or the realization that shorts & tank top season is just around the corner. Maybe it comes from the fact that (while out shopping recently) I have found that I am on the lower end of the clothing size spectrum but still feel "fat"...and I'm not talking about looking in the mirror and wishing I was just want to be fit...and of course losing that last 5 stubborn pounds that haven't come off since Eli's birth wouldn't be horrible either...but really, getting in shape is my goal and as long as I'm in shape I think I'll enjoy whatever shape I am.

Anyways, I had a nice little work out program set up for myself. I started it and did my work-outs for about a week plus, and I was feeling pretty good about my progress...until Aaron saw me doing my push-ups one day and started critiquing (lovingly I might add) my "form"...which was apparently all wrong. And I was so proud of myself for doing the regular push-ups too...not the "girl" ones...but I guess I had my arms too far apart and I wasn't using all the muscles that push-ups are supposed to work out. So, a few nights ago we were up around midnight talking about getting fit and we did push-ups the right way while Aaron helped me to work on my form. I had to re-learn how to do them and boy, do I feel the burn now. Ouch!

Everything is so arms, shoulders, chest, stomach...aah!!! No wonder I was feeling so good a couple weeks ago...I wasn't really working out anything...and now that I am I feel even more out of shape. It's sort of a defeating feeling, and honestly, knowing just how out of shape I am has sort of dampened the desire to get all fit and stuff...but I am going to keep pressing on because I am tired of feeling like a bag of jell-O.

Sort of relating to this post is a site that I recently discovered through my sister, Gwen. It is called The Shape of a Mother and it is full of wonderful stories of women who have found (or are finding) the beauty in their post-baby shape. I know that I have felt at times like my post-baby body is lacking...or maybe sagging would be the better word. ;) There are stretch marks and my skin just isn't as tight as it used to be in certain areas. And, even though I'm just a few pounds from my previous weight before babies my body's shape is totally different. Crazy what having a baby does to you! I once heard someone say that after you have a baby you still have all your parts...just about an inch lower than they used to be...and that is so true! (And each baby brings things further and further south).....

Do your (insert boobs here) hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulder
Like a Continental Soldier?
Do your boobs hang low?

Um, after a few babies, yes, they do! ;)

Anyways, I'm off to go continue to get my body that brought beautiful babies into this world back into shape. And it's gonna hurt! Glorious pain!!! ;)

One Hot Mama!


Anonymous said...

"I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament.". ~Alanis Morissette

Thought you might like this quote since you liked(like) her music at one point. Way to go, sis! Let's fit some power-walking days into our get-together days when y'all move here!

"Can you throw them o'er your shoulder" ummm...not yet but I'm sure getting there:)

Love ya!

Feel the pain, love the pain! :)

Gail said...

Pain, Glorious pain indeed! Now that we have a stroller I've been trying to walk more with Cole. Last time I went out I tried going longer and harder and by the end of it was huffing and puffing. Argh! Maybe we can keep eachother accountable, cause now that I'm *nearly* down to my pre-baby weight, I'd really like to get in shape, strong and toned too.

Summer here we come!

Love you,