Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Aunt Jenna House Day

Lately whenever Johnathan wants to know the particular plans for our day he'll ask "what day is it today? A school day? A park day?" The other night as I was preparing dinner he even asked..."is it a dinner day?!"...he was so excited about getting to eat, haha! Basically he just wants to know what will be happening in his little world.

So, on Friday when we were going to be heading out to my Aunt Jennifer's, (aka Aunt Jenna) Johnathan got super excited that it was "an Aunt Jenna house day!" I do a Bible study there with my cousin Arden and her friend Mikaela each week, and it's a nice time for all of us since we usually try to do our lesson outside while Johnathan plays in the backyard.

The past two Fridays Johnathan has started out his time by "helping" to water the yard. I learned last week that this was a pretty wet endeavor and the poor little dude was sopping wet in his clothes after just a few minutes. So, this week I just let him go around helping in his little boxers...the clothes stayed dry, he stayed warmer...and I have to say that I think he was pretty cute running around sans shirt and shorts...such cute little legs and tummy!

After our lesson Friday both boys had fun on the swings. Eli really seemed to love it...especially when Johnathan pushed was precious! They really are such sweet brothers and just {LOVE} playing together. I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing that. It is so sweet, and I love that they both have a little buddy to hang out with during the day...and night too...the room sharing is going great still! ;)

Here are my sweet little buddy boys!


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Gail said...

Oh my gosh they are too cute! I had no idea they sold little boy boxers. Sweet! ;)

Love you all,