Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Food, Mud & The Aquarium with Dada

The last several days have been fun ones...filled with lots of eating, plenty of outdoor sunshine, good times playing in the mud and an aquarium trip with Dada...during the week...what a treat! We've enjoyed a brief respite of being sick and have soaked up as much "life" as possible these past few days. Here is a look at our sweet life...

My little happy snackers!
Yum, fresas!
I love their little bare chests...so sweet!
Johnathan is definitely in the cheesy smile stage, and Eli is Mr. Serious, haha!
Precious boy!
Caught him red handed...literally! *wink*
Johnathan sharing Eli's food with himself, heehee!
This little dude loves the mud...I mean really loves it...I even got in on the action and let Johnathan splash me with it almost head to toe...but I am just not as cute as he is covered in it! ;)
Taking a mud bath!
The boy has no fear of getting dirty, that's for sure!
Dada and Johnathan hanging out at the aquarium.
Two of my favorite men!
I love his little pouty lips.
My two little crab-cakes.

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!



Precious Moments said...

Grace, thank you for all your sweet comments lately. You are just too sweet. I just wanted you to know that I keep up with your two little ones too...I am just not as good at commenting! I told Brandon yall were moving back here and he is excited too....cant wait to get together. Love ya!

Gwen said...

We're in the same stage of picture taking, too...Miles makes the funny faces(like J) and Levi is always so serious(like Eli). Too funny! Love the pics!


Gail said...

I'm so glad you've had a respite from all the sickness and that you've been able to enjoy some sun-shiny days....and with Aaron too! Fun! I love you and I love your sweet boys!