Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Carbon Copy

Today as I gathered up my boys and energy to go to the grocery store I had a blog post all lined up in my head titled "It was a Suicide Mission." We were heading out right after lunch...historically for us a tricky time to get out and do stuff since it is right before nap time...and I was predicting the worst. I even had this genius little phrase lined up for my post (predicting I would write this while they quietly took their naps)...their peaceful slumber belied the fact that they behaved like wild banshees at the store...isn't that clever?! Haha!

However, the boys did amazing at the store and not one melt down happened. It could have been because Johnathan found a quarter on the ground as we entered the store and I (bribed) rewarded him with letting him pick out his own small treat...or it could have been from the $5 toy Johnathan just so happened to really want that he saw on the kids aisle that I went ahead and got "for his birthday" but then let him start playing with right away. Regardless, the (sometimes dreaded) trip to the store was more than pleasant. Success!

While we were finding all the items on our grocery list I ran into my carbon copy. Seriously, it was uncanny. Both of us were about the same age. Both of us had an older toddler boy in the shopping cart using one of those cart seat cover things. And, both of us had our same age babies in our BabyHawk baby carriers! It was pretty funny because I've never seen anyone else shop like I do...with a baby attached to me and another in the cart...and I just had to say something to this woman who looked so much like me! We laughed about how alike we looked and gave each other kudos for getting our shopping done with kids in tow. Wishing each other luck we parted ways to continue our shopping.

I bumped into her on our way out and she was all smiles with two happy kids just like me. I wonder if she encouraged her son to behave with the promise of jelly beans in the car too...probably not. ;)

So, now as I write this my baby, who was an angel at the store, is loudly protesting his nap and my sweet almost 3 year old boy is somehow sleeping through it all. Bless him! This just proves that you can't predict what's going to happen even if you do have a catchy little blog post ready to record it all.

Happy Thursday...and happy almost birthday to my big boy who turns 3 tomorrow!


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Ivy said...

Yay, it is always nice to have a good shopping trip!

And the life of a blogger is so that way with the planning and all. Maybe I should write a post on that, "seeing the world through the eyes of a blogger".