Saturday, June 19, 2010

And It Sure Was a Happy Day!!!

Since the neonatal doctor had hinted Saturday that we would probably be able to bring Eli home on Sunday (May 30th), I was more than anxious to get to the NICU that morning to see how things were progressing with his possible discharge from the hospital. There were several things that needed to be accomplished before they would let him go...I had to watch an infant CPR video for one, and Eli had to pass the "Car Seat Challenge"...he had to sit in his seat, all strapped in for an hour while they monitored his breathing to make sure that he was able to sit up and still maintain his oxygen levels. I woke up early in order to be at the hospital for his 8:00 am feeding so that I could nurse him.

It was just a week since my own surgery...the C-section...but I felt well enough to be able to drive to the hospital on my own. So after waking up and getting ready for the day, I headed out to the hospital to go take care of my baby. Eli ate, and then while he started his "challenge" in his infant seat, I went to watch the CPR video...obviously Aaron didn't have to watch it, I guess that when you're a doctor you get a free pass! Haha!

Around 10:00 the neonatologist came into the NICU to round on his patients there. I had to leave to protect the other babies privacy, and I was very anxious to return to see if we had the green light to bring our little guy home. I ran to the car wash real quick while I was waiting so that I could vacuum the car out...Johnathan had left one too many french fries in the back seat, and I wanted everything to be nice and clean in the car for our precious little baby's first ride!

When I returned around 11 I was able to speak to Eli's doctor who was signing off on his discharge papers!!! Yay!!! We were getting to bring our sweet boy home, after only a week in the NICU!!! I was so excited, and couldn't wait to drive home to get Aaron so we could return together to bring Eli home.

Aaron and I got things ready to go get Eli...a little outfit was picked out for his homecoming, the car seat base was securely placed in our car, and Johnathan was put down for a nap so that he could wake up to the news that he had a new little visitor at home!

We went to the hospital, our hearts bursting with happiness. It was so much fun to get Eli ready to leave the hospital, and as I scrubbed up for the last time I felt very grateful that I was able to bring my precious baby home. We took care of a few last minute things there, and then we got little Eli all packed up and ready to go home. As we walked out of those hospital doors with our sweet son, I felt like the most blessed woman in the world...I had birthed this precious baby, and they were actually letting me take him home with me!!! And it sure was a happy day!!!

His coming home of the only ones small enough to fit our little 5 pound, 1 ounce boy!

Sweet little guy loves his green soothie pacifier!

He looked super small in the car fact, he was just one ounce over the minimum weight requirement!!! ;)

Little bitty dude! You're getting ready to come home!!!

Our Sweet Boy, Homecoming Day, May 3oth, 2010!!! You're one week old today!!!

Johnathan getting introduced to his new little brother.

Johnathan was very intrigued with the little baby in the car seat!

Starting to warm up to his brother.

Getting to hold Eli for the first time.

"I like being a big brother!"

Our sweet sons!!!

Getting ready to do "knuckles"...haha! He also gave him a high-five and a head butt! Whoops!!! Haha!!!

Enjoying holding my baby his first night at home. No NICU visits to go see him...he was HOME!!!

My precious boy!

Big yawn!!! What a sweet little face!

What a blessing to be able to hold him whenever I wanted!!!

One of the sweetest faces in the world!

I love you, sweet boy, Happy Homecoming!!!

And that is the story of Eli's birth and the events that followed. What a story!!!



The Allen Family said...

I hope you print all this out and put it in his baby book! Those were the sweetest posts and I enjoyed reading them...even though I got teary eyed in every post! You are so blessed!!

goatpod2 said...

What precious pictures & I bet it was a happy day! He was weighed less than 3 of my niece's when born, one of my niece's only weighed 4 pounds 10 oz. when born, 3 weeks early.


Gail said...

What a happy happy ending! Eli looks beautiful....such a little cutie! Your title reminds me of the phrase Mammy says in "Gone With the Wind". I think it's the day that Bonnie Blue is born...but of course she says it in her southern/mammyfied accent..."It Show was a happy day!"

Love & hugs,


Emily Minich said...

I got quite a chuckle out of that first pic of Eli in his car seat. Lol. What on earth would you have done if he didn't meet the weight requirement??