Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Back to the Basics

These days it's all I can do to just get the basics done. I am really enjoying our more simple life-style...although I do get a bit stir-crazy being in the house 24/7, but that is's too hot outside anyways!

Our days consist of early mornings where Johnathan will pitter-patter into our room around 6 (sometimes earlier!), and then after feeding and changing Eli, Johnathan and I will spend some time in the living room. Johnathan will eat his breakfast while watching a few shows on TV and mommy gets to blog and start on some chores for the day.

Once Johnathan is done eating we usually head to the bathroom, and while Johnathan plays in the tub I will either fold laundry, work on my grocery list, clean the bathroom, read my magazines or do whatever else I am able to do in the bathroom. Eli will sit in the hallway in his little bouncy chair, and that way I am able to keep an eye on him while I'm in the bathroom keeping my other eye on Johnathan! Multi-tasking has been taken to a whole new level! You can't even begin to imagine what can be accomplished while your son sits in the tub...but it does take a bit of planning! I have to gather up all that I want to work on before heading to the loo, that way I can keep busy while Johnathan is getting clean and having fun playing in the water at the same time! ;)

After bath time Eli usually has to be fed again, and after that Johnathan and I will play in the living room until lunch. After lunch is my favorite time of the day---NAP TIME!!! Haha! Most days Johnathan will go down and Eli will either go down again too or will already be sleeping, so I get to rest as well. It is nice!!! On days when that doesn't happen I just call upon my friend, Dr. Pepper, so it's all good!

After nap time I try to spend a lot of one-on-one time with just Johnathan, goofing off in the living room, and I have certainly found my silly-side! Yesterday we sat on the couch just laughing our heads off while making funny faces and hiding under a blanket, only to pop out and say "boo!" was so much fun, and it felt good to laugh like a kid again!

Once Aaron gets home in the evenings I will work on dinner while he hangs out the boys. Then it's dinner, bath (again) for Monkey and then once he is in bed for the night...a somewhat difficult challenge at the moment...Aaron and I get to spend some quality time with each other and with Eli. All in all it's a great little schedule, and even though most days are like the previous day, I am finding a lot of joy in the simplicity of our current life.

Here are some pics from Sunday (when we got to have our dear Whitehursts over for a bit) and from yesterday when I got to watch my sweet boys having fun together.

Adoring our precious Eli.

As you can see, make-up doesn't fit into my new simple life-style...haha! Getting ready in the mornings is super-duper quick now! ;)

It's sweet to see other people loving my baby!

My little froggy baby!

Look at those lashes!!!

So snuggly!

Big brother/Little brother time. Too sweet!!!

Johnathan sat and rocked in the swing for about 5 minutes with Eli, just enjoying holding his little brother.

Johnathan is such a great big brother!

What sweet boys...and they're mine!!! Praise God!



Gail said...

Sounds like you're really getting into the swing of being a mommy of two! Yay! Your schedule sounds busy, but very rewarding. You make me excited about motherhood!



P.S. Love the pics!

goatpod2 said...

Love the pictures! Sounds like a busy time but a fun one just spending time with your precious boys!