Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Since I have been blogging so much about Eli's birth and the week following, I haven't had the chance to put up many pictures of our life with him of today he is 4 weeks old!!! Here are some more photos of our sweet boy and our family.

You can have some idea of his size compared to this DVD case...pretty tiny, huh?!!

So cute holding on to his green soothie.

Precious boy, so alert!

Getting his first sponge bath!

My two precious boys, what cuties!

Sweet face.

Hello sweetie pie!

What cute little feet!!!

Wearing an outfit from great-Grandma. Thanks!!!

Johnathan just loves holding his baby brother.

Sleeping angel!

I caught him smiling!

Some more size comparison.

2.5 inch little feet.

Stretching out...and still a little shrimp!

Lovin' these sweet baby feet!

Precious little hand!

My sweet boy!

The "pooping face!"

My big helper!!!

All snuggly!

Sweet little swaddled baby boy.

Tired Dada.

I love holding my sweet boy.

Happy Mama!

Our family of four!

Enjoying a nice nap after bathtime.

What a sweet face!

All tucked inside Mama's shirt! Nice and cozy!

Tired Mama!

Lovin' the little thumb.

Really tired Dada! ;)

Wearing his preemie outfit from great-Grandma, Celia! Thanks!!!

3 and half weeks old!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!!!



Gail said...


These pictures are wonderful! I love seeing his progress and growth! The picture with Johnathan holding him is really cute, too. I must say it looks like he doesn't want to give him back. ;) Haha!

Love you so much, sweet Gracie. You look beautiful.



goatpod2 said...

Nice pictures! Happy Father's Day to Aaron.


The Kellys said...

Wonderful pictures Grace! Your boys are precious.