Friday, June 11, 2010


Early Monday evening on May 24th, I got to go and see my baby for the first time. I was so excited as I was wheeled to the NICU, and being able to get up out of the wheel chair without a huge amount of pain was a blessing...thank God for good pain meds!!!...I had to be strong to go see my baby!

As Aaron and I entered the unit, I really had no idea of what to expect. There was a large sink right as you entered the doorway, and we were instructed to scrub up...of course Aaron is quite familiar with this procedure, but I had to learn how to do it properly. He showed me the correct way to scrub in, and I had a hard time keeping up! After we washed we put on some yellow gowns and then we were able to enter the area where all the babies were.

Eli's nurse walked us over to where he was, and I immediately recognized my sweet boy. He just looked like he belonged to us...which he did! ;) It was amazing to be able to see him, and all of my tears were forgotten as I watched his sweet form, breathing on his own but with the help of the nasal cannula for a little extra oxygen. He was struggling a little with each breath since his body was having to compensate for being born a bit too early, but still, he was doing it all on his own, and I was so proud of him.

Poor little Eli had all sorts of IVs and other stuff hooked up to him, and it was sort of scary seeing him with all of the leads and cords attached to him. I knew that everything that he was hooked up to was for his own good though, so I just asked Aaron what everything meant so that I had some kind of idea what each thing was, and it was less frightening that way.

Our visit wasn't long enough, but I had to get to my room and the NICU was closed to visitors from 6-8 pm anyways, so we left right before 6 o'clock. I felt so much better after we left, and I especially felt good knowing that I could come back whenever I wanted...with the exception of the hours between 6-8 am and pm.

Later on that evening I went back of course, and that time I got to hold my sweet boy!!! I was too happy for words. Here are some photos of my first time holding my precious Eli.

And here is when Aaron was able to hold him for the first time, the next day on Tuesday, May 25th. I loved seeing my sweet husband holding his son. What a precious picture!

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Gail said...

What a precious moment to get to hold him and see Aaron holding him, too. You are so courageous, Gracie...and I'm really glad I am able to see what all went on since I wasn't there and didn't know all of this....