Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Baby Boy is {3}!!!

{Our Precious Johnathan Aaron, 3 Years Old!}

Here he is, our precious 3 year old boy! I know it's seems cliche to say that time flies, but boy, it sure does. It really does seem like just yesterday that we were bringing Johnathan home from the hospital, our gift from God, our sweet, precious baby that Jehovah had given us. And now, three years later, Johnathan is still the greatest blessing and brings us so much joy. Unknowingly he (or God I should say) rescued us from our sorrow from our previous losses and let us experience holding and loving and parenting a child. Every child is a blessing and gift from God, and Johnathan will always hold a special in our hearts as our first joy-bringer. He is a very special boy.

I am really loving this age. Johnathan is still very dependent on me...especially for lots of lovin' which I just love...but he is also independent and loves to do things all by himself. Also, he is becoming such a great helper...the kind of helper that actually helps, haha, and some of my chores are easier now with him tagging along helping me out. Another thing that I love about this stage in Johnathan's life is how chatty he is. Seriously, the boy talks non-stop from the time he wakes up 'til he goes to bed...sometimes it does get a little much for me to take, but overall it is wonderful and I love listening to his sweet little voice...especially when he is telling me how much he loves me which he does frequently throughout the day-----precious!!!

Yesterday was a fairly low-key day as far as celebrating goes. Sometimes the simpler the better and I think that yesterday was about as wonderful a birthday as a three-year-old could ask for. I dedicated pretty much all my time to him...and Eli too of course...foregoing any chores around the house or things that I normally do to fill my days. We played hard, all day, and did things that 3 year old boys like to do...playing blocks, reading new books, watching a new birthday DVD, shooting guns, playing outdoors and sliding down slides, going to watch a cousin play baseball. It was a good day. Of course we squeezed in regular birthday stuff too...cupcakes and candles, opening presents and a yummy birthday dinner...chili dogs! I would say it was a birthday success!

Here is our sweet Johnathan, and baby brother too, on Johnathan's 3rd Birthday!

We love you Johnathan!!! Happy Birthday!!!



Mom said...

I love reliving the day through your blog! I'm so glad it was an awesome 3rd birthday.

We love you, Johnathan,


goatpod2 said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday to Johnathan!



The Allen Family said...

Happy Birthday Johnathan!!

Gail said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Johnathan! We love our nephew/cousin dearly and am so glad to see he had such a nice and happy day for #3!

Love you all!