Sunday, April 10, 2011

The {4th} Time's the Charm

Last night was night #4 of Eli re-learning how to sleep through the night. Night #3 was pretty good, but he still woke up a few times, grumbled for a few minutes and then would fall back to sleep. Last night though he only got up once, fussed for less than a minute and then slept until about 7! Hallelujah! I have to say, although the first night was pretty darn rough, I am a big fan of this "crying it out" thing. Seriously, it is amazing how wonderful getting several hours in a row of sleep is! And Eli, man, he is so much happier now during the day and when it gets close to bedtime he isn't totally exhausted like he used to be before...I know his little body was suffering from a lack of sleep we're all much happier now!

It's funny though, now that Eli is getting used to sleeping through the night Johnathan has been having a period of waking at night crying for me. Also, he has been much clingier at bedtime and wants to snuggle for forever...I love my cuddle time with him, but I also love hanging out with my hubby after the boys are in bed, so we're working on that right now. Johnathan's primary love languages are quality time and physical touch, so I'm working on giving him lots of one-on-one time during the day and plenty of hugs and kisses. He is a much happier and well-behaved child when his little love tank is full to overflowing.

I hope that each of you are having a wonderful Sunday. Today we're enjoying a relaxing day at home while Dada is hard at work at the hospital...we miss you, Daddy, and we're thankful for all your diligent work. We took a trip to Target earlier (aka the "Red Circle Store"), and Johnathan got to pick out some new toys with some b-day money and gift cards he received for his birthday. So, we're playing with new Thomas the Train Duplos and Toy Story Duplos toys are always so much fun! ;)

Happy Day!

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