Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting Sad

Well today I started packing...let me rephrase I started packing "real" stuff, not just items we aren't using at the moment (like out of season clothes, books, etc.) because I've been packing that sort of stuff for a while now. No, today I started packing stuff that makes our house our home...the kind of stuff that makes our home look loved and lived in. And I have to say, it has made me a little sad. Up until about a week ago I really hadn't had much emotion one way or another about our move that is coming up in exactly two months from today. However, the last week or so the move has gotten a lot more real, has seemed a lot closer (it is!) and I have started to get the moving blues.

Honestly I am really excited about our move, the changes that it will bring and the opportunities that we'll have in our new place. BUT, I also will miss this house that has been our home for the last 4 years and this town that we've now resided in for 5 years now. I guess uprooting yourself is never easy, but in our last several moves I have never felt this way. There was just always excitement over being somewhere different, and this time there is a bit of sadness along with the excitement of new things on the horizon. Probably because we have kids, two beautiful boys who know this house as their home. And probably because this is the first house where Aaron and I have experienced exhilarating happiness...also because of our two precious boys. (Actually, I have written a poem about that entitled I am Not a Home of Sorrow. I am going to hide it somewhere in our home when we leave as a sort of memorial to this house). Anyways.....

I guess getting sad about a big move just goes with the territory you might say. I am just thankful that we do have so much to look forward to when we get to our new destination...Grandmas and Grandpas close by, Aunts and Uncles to visit regularly and lots of Cousins to get into trouble with...this of course will assuage any grief Johnathan might feel over leaving...he can't wait to "move far 'way close to Miles." ;)

Home is where the heart is,


Dad said...

"Getting Happy" is the mood we're experiencing as we anticipate your upcoming move back *home*!!

Hey, I gotta lotta Grandpa energy reserved for those keenly intelligent and ruggedly handsome grandsons of mine!!! C'mon, git on up here, boys... and don't ferget to bring yer ma and pa!

Love you, Grace!


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your "moving" blues...though our move was still in the same city. It was hard leaving the place that we brought both boys home to, and spend many happy years together. Home is definitely where the heart is though and we love our new home and the memories we're building here. Can't wait to have y'all up here. If you ever get the "we've moved" blues just come on over!! I've got two crazy boys that are just dying to spend more time with their cousins!!

Love you, Gracie!

Oh, and I like your idea of hiding the poem in your house. That will be fun for the person who discovers it(if it's meant to be discovered:)