Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Aquarium {Again} & Easter Egg Hunt at School

In our last couple of months here in South Texas I want to soak up as much of the local attractions as, we hit the aquarium again this week. Sure, we've been multiple times and things are pretty much the same every time we go, but it is still a fun place to be and a great place for my little dudes to roam around. They are actually building a really cool splash park there right now...but it probably won't be finished until we! :(

When we showed up there were 3 big school buses there...grrreat, school field trip day...but luckily as we ate our lunch on the aquarium grounds outside of the building 2 groups of kiddos left. Then, once we got inside there was really just one group of elementary school kids and of course they had to all stay together in a we just sort of followed a little bit after them and basically had the place to a few older couples and a couple of random people. It's always nice when it's not too crowded and when Johnathan can walk easily to see everything.

Here are my sweet boys enjoying some of the sights at the aquarium!

(Toddler meltdown...3 seems be sorta tough on Johnathan so far!)

Yesterday Johnathan had his Easter Egg Hunt at school...and, being the involved parent that I am, haha, I volunteered to be the parent helper to hide the eggs. The hunt was supposed to be outside on the playground, but some other class got their time mixed with Johnathan's class and hid their eggs during his time-slot...anyways, the hunt ended up just being in an empty class-room and a small one at it went super quick and the only sort of decent pic I got during the hunt was of Johnathan right in front of an empty baby crib...not too picturesque for an Easter egg hunt, so I didn't even bother putting it on here...anyways, here he is, right before giving me one of his cheesy smiles! ;)

That's all for now, folks! Happy GOOD FRIDAY!!!

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