Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My {400th} Post Bench-Mark Giveaway!!!

Yesterday marked my 400th blog post! Can you believe it???!!! I really do love writing on this ol' blog (and need to get it made into some books soon) and I really enjoy being able to share bits and pieces of our life with you. If you've been on the blog scene for long then you know that giveaways are huge...especially with home decor blogs since they are trying to grow their readership by bringing new people to their blog and to keep the current readers interested enough to keep coming back...and really, they are just fun! So, I'm going to offer up a giveaway too, just for fun, to celebrate my 400th post...which, if you didn't catch yesterday you can read here...or just scroll down...it's all about my wonderfully talented and big-hearted hubby...LOVE HIM! ;)

So, the giveaway-----------------------

--------------a Tyler Candle Company 11 oz. candle! If you've been one of my faithful readers then you know that I just love candles...and I especially love Tyler Candle Company. Their candle fragrances far outshine any other candle fragrance that I've ever tried...and believe me, I know candles...I just packed up 2 moving boxes full of them...yeah, that's right...2 boxes! (Told you I had a candle addiction!)

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post by 12 pm Thursday and the winner will be randomly selected this Friday, April 15th. In your comment let me know if you'd like a citrus inspired scent, a berry inspired scent, a scent inspired by baking...think cinnabuns, yummy...or if you don't have a preference then I will choose one for you from a list of my favorites! Happy Commenting! ;)

[Edited to Add: Okay, upon completing this blog post I looked over my numbers again...and maybe I should title this post My {380th} Post Bench-Mark Giveaway!!! Haha! On my blog dashboard when I sign in it gives me my post count, but on my blog's archives the numbers are different...I am guessing that it is counting some posts that I have saved as drafts in the total count...anyways, 380 posts is still a lot, so we'll celebrate that!]

(I am in no way affiliated with Tyler Candle Company. I just happen to really love their candles!)

Now, onto the point of this blog...documenting and sharing our life! Here are some cute pics of our boys from this past Sunday while they played outside. It was a beautiful day and was made even better by these two little rays of sunshine playing outside our home. Enjoy!



goatpod2 said...

Congrats on your 400th post and what a nice giveaway! I guess I'm the 1st to comment here.



Ivy said...

Grace, I would keep reading your blog whether you did give-aways or not! :-)

Emily Minich said...

Ooo ooo! I want a candle from the Grace list of favorites! And I love the pics of the boys by the flower pot. So cute.

Dad said...

Pick me, pick me! And then send the boys on up with the candle for a little Grandpa time!

Congrats on #400!

Dad said...

Ode to Grace's Blogginess:

There was a prolific writer named Grace,
Whose words many have grown to embrace.
So clever and witty, t'would be such a pity,
Had her verb been locked up in a case.

Illustrative words? Oh yes, they do fly,
From fingers, typed keys, to the sky.
She shares of her foibles, her youngin's, her t'woubles,
Tell-all details does she amply supply.

The spills, the thrills, each disaster,
Colorfully worded by a blogosphere master.
To her audience abroad, with a grin and a nod,
Click, boom, zoom... could it get any faster?

Who to thank? Why, Al Gore!, t'would appear,
Staked his claim as 'net inventor that year.
Thus a platform arose, for sweet Grace's prose,
To record memories so wonderfully dear.

So keep writing as your family keeps growing.
Spin colorful yarns which will inevitably be flowing,
From your beautiful mind, words creatively lined
In The Aldape Daily Buzz, where true love's ever showing.

Love you BIG TIME, GRACE!!!


Mom said...

Wow! Love the comment, Grandpa! And I love the wonderful subjects of all these blogs! All your men, Grace, big and small!

Love you and the sweet pics,


Gail said...

I always love reading your blog sis because it makes the distance between us just a little more bearable (and because you're an amazing writer, decorator, mommy, homemaker....I could go on...). You always inspire me sis, as a mother, wife and in my home. I'm looking forward to the next 400 posts!

Now sign me up for that candle! I'm thinking something baking related....Cinnamon Buns sound yum!

Love YOU!


P.S. I loved your post about Aaron...such a bittersweet job. We love him too and could never appropriately thank him for all he's done for our family. :)