Sunday, April 17, 2011

Johnathan's 3rd Birthday Celebration!!!

Well, our precious boy has been 3 years old for about 2 weeks...and although we already had a wonderful time celebrating his birth on his actual birth DAY, we have been planning his birthday party for about a month or so. Saturday night the "party day" finally came, and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Johnathan had a GREAT time, lots of his friends were able to make it and overall it was just wonderful, the perfect birthday party for a 3 year old rambunctious boy!

We had it hosted at the CC Athletic Club Gym...they have an amazing gym for kids, full of gymnastic equipment, trampoline, all sorts of bouncy mats, a rope swing...and the biggest attraction (for Johnathan at least) is the foam pit where you can jump in off of the trampoline or rope swing and just fall into mounds and mounds of soft foam! It really is fun...and of course I had to try it...a few times...before everyone else showed up...and I get the attraction! ;)

Here are some of the photos from Johnathan's fun day...

Helping me make all his Lightning McQueen Cupcakes!
Those sprinkles were just too hard to resist!
Sweet birthday boy with his birthday celebration goodies!
I really loved how they turned out...especially with the cute little sticker/toothpick cupcake toppers that I made! ;)
Sweet Eli & Arden.
Even this little guy got to get down and enjoy crawling around!
The gym...pic taken from the upstairs party room that overlooked the area.
In motion!
Jumping on the trampoline...on his way to jump into the foam pit!
Our Sweet & Energetic {3} Year Old Boy!!!
Chillin' in the pit!
Johnathan with one of his friends from school.
Johnathan and two of his little school buddies.
What a sweet big brother!
We tossed Eli into the foam pit too...he enjoyed it for a little bit.
Pizza in the party room!
Daddy and Mommy with our precious boy!
Some of the party guests...
...another view of Johnathan's friends!
Baby brother, loving his pizza bits!
Johnathan & "Arnen!"
Blowing out his candle! {Happy Birthday} again, sweet boy!



Gail said...

Wish I could hug and kiss you all right now! Looks like y'all had a blast! Happy Belated Birthday, Johnathan!


Auntie Fay ;)

KellyW said...

Happy Birthday Johnathan! Looks like the gym was a big hit. Ryan would've loved it too!

Mom said...

I love all the evident care and time you put into making Johnathan feel so loved and special for his birthday celebrationl. That will make a huge difference in his life, even if he can't remember specific details of early life all goes into making him the person and man he will be!! And.......of course, he'll have your wonderful blog to read and enjoy.

I love you, Grace,