Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Life...But What a Sweet One it Is!

Well our week is going pretty normal this week, nothing much out of the ordinary...I love weeks like that! ;) Both boys are well, Eli is sleeping (mostly) through the night, Johnathan is enjoying his days at school and I have been keeping busy with maintaining our home...keeping it mostly organized with just enough mess around to make it look lived in. I used to try to keep our house in perfect order...I would pick up all the toys when the boys would go down for their nap and try to keep it all looking spotless...but honestly, it looked too sterile! So now I just try to keep it know, clean bathroom/clean dishes (most of the time)/clean floors/etc. and I let some of the "mess" slide...I kinda like looking around and seeing what my little guys have enjoyed playing with while they're down for naps now, sort of a story of what they've done during the day, and then before bed we do a pick-up time because the next day needs a mess story all of its own!

Here are a few pics that I haven't posted yet. I love my life!

Me and my sweet almost 11 month old boy! Man, time flies!
Dada and Monkey at our favorite little hole in the wall place to eat.
Dirty little mess!
I melt when I see this little smile of Johnathan' incredibly cute!
Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

I'm really, really looking forward to you all being here in June. Can it be that you all will actually be close by? Great for all!!

Love you,