Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovin' Their Little Stinks

Okay, so this may seem weird to some people, and other people (aka, Gwen) understand where I'm coming from when I say I love what I call my little dudes' little stinks. You know, all those little smells that make up your baby. I think that this might be one of those things that only a mother loves...or at least only mothers like me...because Aaron (and I think Gwen's hubby Matt too) think it's crazy, and maybe even gross! But I think it's completely normal and I love all the scents that make up my boys.

Like cute little feet and stinky little toes...

...they don't really "stink", at least not to me, and I love kissing their precious little toes.

I also love when my boys wake up from their naps and have that yummy nap smell about's a mixture of a little sweat and a cottony fabric softener kind of smell...and I love it! I've told Aaron numerous times that I love it when they smell like a nap...and he just rolls his eyes and thinks I'm I??? I think not! ;)

There are so many little stinks that I love...the damp smell from having a blast outdoors, the sweet but sweaty nape of the neck smell after playing hard, you know, good little boy smells!...oh, and disclaimer, I said that I love the little stinks...the big ones (you know what I'm talkin' about) not so much. Didn't want you to think that I've completely lost it or anything.

Anyways, I just wanted to post about this to remember my boys' sweet little stinks to look back on when are older and they have big boy stinks that I am sure I will not love so much! ;)

Have a happy Wednesday!



Gloria said...

You're weird.

Gail said...

Gracie.....that is so precious and I totally agree! When Cole has had socks on for awhile his feet will stink...but I love 'em! Maybe it's something only a mother can appreciate?

On the other hand, I was just thinking this morning...I might love the way he smells but I'm sure he doesn't appreciate my morning breath when I shower him with kisses! Ha!

Love you,

Precious Moments said...

I get it! Well not for boys, but girls haha. Maybe one day I will get it for boys :) We will see what God has planned. Hope you are having a good day-thanks for your encouraging comment after my crazy day!!!! Cant wait to see you guys when you get back!

Gwen said...

...and their stinky "sweet" smelling breath. Miles and Levi certainly have different smells-but I love them:)

This post was so for me-haha!

Love you sis!

Grace said...

Gloria...gee, thanks! ;)

Gail, haha, I've often thought that too and usually try to brush my teeth before totally grossing them out, heehee!

Tanna, I am sure little girl stinks are nice too! ;)

Gwenny, oh, yes, I forgot to mention the stinky sweet breath...although, sometimes it is just pure sweet...especially when I smell Eli's breath after he nurses...such a pure, wholesome smell! (Did I ever tell you about J's breath after he nursed when I had eaten a ton of that was nasty, haha!)

Thanks for all your comments, y'all!