Friday, April 8, 2011

Night #2 Was A...

...SUCCESS!!! I hesitate to celebrate prematurely, but I will rejoice in last nights victory! Eli went from 7:45 until 9ish (his usual M.O.) and I had Aaron go in to reassure him (Ivy, thanks for the inspiration for that...I am usually the one who goes in so I think that having Daddy walk in the room helped him to realize that milk was not on the menu). After his first wake up he went another couple hours and then got up again and was a bit more agitated. This time Aaron went in to get Johnathan who had woken up too and put him on the bed we had ready for him on our floor and I went in to Eli and simply told him, "Goodnight Eli. I love you. Time for bed." Then mommy and milk walked out and after throwing a fit (much shorter than the previous night) he slept until 6:15!!! A miracle!

I did nurse him at 6:15 since that is a typical waking hour around here and put him back in his bed. He is just now waking up (it's 8:00 am) and I am very hopeful for another good night tonight! We'll try the same approach...the daddy/mommy team up and see how it goes. Now I just have to train myself to sleep through the night...I was up several times to check on him since sleeping that length of time is so unheard of for him, haha! Of course he was okay, just sleeping like a baby! ;)

There is hope!



Mom said...

Yea!!!!! Now, tonight you get some uninterrupted sleep ;)

Happy for your little victory ( and don't give up any ground!)


Ivy said...

Oh, that is so nice! As soon as he is sleeping all night you will feel like the mother of two big boys and not one big boy and a baby. Hopefully tonight will be even better!