Sunday, March 22, 2009

6 Years and Counting!

It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by since Aaron and I tied the knot. But, today, March 22nd, 2009 does indeed mark the 6 year anniversary of our marriage! This is one of those times where there is so much to say that trying to pin (or pen) some of the highlights down is actually kind of hard. How do you recapture 6 years worth of life together?

I've been watching our wedding DVD, and it is bittersweet to look back and see the girl I used to be. Oh how naive I was to the sorrow that life can bring...I'm not talking about being married here, but for those of you who know us, you know that our first years of marriage were overshadowed by losing our boys and our "angel babies." So, watching that happy, life-is-always-going-to-be-wonderful girl that I used to be is sort of painful. In other respects though it is wonderful to see that I am in some ways still that happy girl. More in love with her beloved groom than ever, and well aware of the unbreakable bonds that have forged between us because of what we've conquered together.

I feel like this past year of marriage has been our best ever. I'm sure that it is largely due to the birth of our sweet son, Johnathan. It is such a joy to see "proof" of our love in human form, and having him to love has taken our love for each other to a new level. I love seeing Aaron being a daddy, a role that he has craved since we first learned of the life growing inside me when we found out that our love had created a child in our first year of marriage! Now that he is able to live out that role, and now that I am able to live out my dream of being a mommy, we are both in a place where our love for each other has grown by leaps and bounds because we now know joy in addition to sorrow. Having a child just does something for you, and each of our children is a blessing from our Creator.

So here's to us! Happy Anniversary! 6 years down and counting...and counting...and counting...yep, we want to make it to at least 75!!!

- - - - - - -

To my beloved,

Thank you for picking me to be your life's partner. To share in your joy, to help carry you through sorrow, and to be the one you turn to for love. I pray that each year I have with you allows me to give you the respect you deserve as my husband, and the honor that you've earned by being the father of my children. I love you more than life, as your love is life itself. I am so grateful for the 6 years we've had together as husband a wife. I'm thankful for the trials and triumphs that have bonded us together, and I am so blessed to be the recipient of the deep love that you have to give. May each year bring us closer together, and also may it bring us closer to the One who made us for each other. It is only through Him that we are sustained. I love you, my Favorite! You are the love of my life!

With all my heart and all the love I have to give,
Your Grace


Greta said...

I love you Grace and Aaron! Happy Anniversary from a little sister who is missing ya'll very much!

Amy said...

I wished you a Happy Anniversary on Facebook!

Aldape family said...

Happy Anniversary! Grace, Those were such sweet words to your husband. He is so lucky to have a wife like you. Y'alls marriage has been such a testament of love and faith! We love you!

Precious Moments said...

That's funny you watched the video and we were talking on it!! Sometimes that seems like yesterday...and other times it seems forever ago.

Happy Anniversary. Even though we don't see yall, we will always love yall. You were a part of us and we were a part of yall...back in the day! Love, Tanna