Thursday, March 26, 2009


As some of you may have read in a post I wrote a week or so ago, we found out that our house contains a lot of lead paint! All the windows, every door, the mantle around the fire place, the step down into the sun room...pretty much everything that's painted contains lead, except for the kitchen, thank goodness. After contacting our land lady we have a plan to enclose all the lead painted areas, and yesterday I started that process. I taped around several door frames and around the mantle. I am so thankful that most of our home is wood---the walls, floors, and molding---but there is still a lot of work to be done. As I began the process of making our house a safer place for Johnathan (and us) to be, I started to really get discouraged.

I actually started this post yesterday, and had titled it Procrastination because I was seriously delaying the process of enclosing the poisonous paint. If you read online how to fix a lead paint problem, the information that is out there will scare your socks off. I guess that is the reason that I was procrastinating so much. I didn't want to do anything wrong that would make our dilemma even worse. Anyways, I procrastinated so much (and read way too much on the internet before beginning) that by the time I actually started taping and painting yesterday I was really discouraged. Thus the new post title.

As I taped, which took FOREVER, and as I started to primer the mantle, all I could think was "oh, what if the painting is not enough---what if Johnathan's doctor tells us to move to get away from the paint---where could we afford to move---it would have to be a house so that we could keep Bo---will we have to get rid of Bo so we can move into an apartment?" I thought these and other similar negative thoughts. I was really getting bogged down with all the discouragement, and by the time that Aaron got home I was one big ball of negativity. Ugh!!!

This is where having someone with his head on straight really comes in handy. Aaron told me just to pray about it...seemed so simple, why hadn't I thought of that??? So, as I started our dinner prep, I prayed. Prayed that God would show us what to do. Prayed that He would protect our little boy from the "unseen danger" in our house. Prayed that I would be able to relax and to trust that He would take care of everything. I just prayed!

After spending a little time talking to God, I did start to feel a little less discouraged. Amazing how that works! So for now, we will keep doing what we can to protect our little one, and pray to see if God wants us to stay here or if we should move if the painting is not enough. And, if we have to move, I know that God will provide for us in our new place just like He has in our current home. He is good like that!

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