Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unwelcome Hiatus

You may have noticed our absence the past couple of weeks...I know that I sure have been feeling it! Believe me, I have been missing my blogging! Our little break is a result of our computer catching a nasty virus which even doctor Aaron couldn't prevent. So, right now I am currently pecking away on the good doctor's iPhone to give all our fans a much needed update.

Johnathan is doing great these days, and continues to make me melt with his cute little antics. He does this cute little thing now with his tongue and will stick it out of the corner of his mouth, or he will rest between his lips, which makes it look like he has a triple's so precious! He is also in the process of getting a top tooth which has made for some fussy nights and lots of slobber. Hopefully we'll see another pearly white inside there soon. One more recent heart melting moment was the first time I heard him say mama, which is the newest word in his vocabulary! One simple word never sounded so sweet.

There's so much more that I could say here but my thumbs need a break from all of this typing. I'll update as soon as I can, and in the meantime know that we love you all very much.


Amy said...

Sorry about your computer, our first computer caught a nasty virus too, our 2nd computer first crashed because of the monitor then the tower gave out on us even though the program still worked, go figure, so we have a flat screen monitor and a different tower which is now on windows vista.

Aldape family said...

Thanks for the update! I was beginning to worry about you sweet little people. Sorry about the virus. Gald y'all are doing well.

KellyW said...

Oh yucky virus!!! My hubby is a computer geek and I wish he was there to help you out! Thanks for the updates on little man. We've got another tooth coming in here too...slobber city!