Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mama Bear in Action

All you mothers (and fathers) out there know that there isn't a thing is this world that you wouldn't do to protect your children. You know how they say, don't get between a mama bear and her cub? Well, that's how I felt yesterday, although instead of a physical threat I was protecting my little bear cub from an environmental predator...lead paint!!!

Sometimes my paranoia actually comes in handy, because I'm constantly on alert when it comes to keeping my baby safe. So, when I felt a nagging deep down in the pit of my mama bear stomach, I just knew that we had to test our home for lead. It's an old house, and after reading that lead in paint wasn't regulated until the late 70's, I figured that our home might just be a danger zone for the toxic paint...and boy, was I right, unfortunately. After testing several surfaces, painted and otherwise, all but two tests came back positive for lead. So, I got out my Dyson and vacuumed up anything that resembled a paint chip on the floors, and Aaron got to reading in his medical journals about the safest way to protect our little one.

We've contacted our landlady and are still waiting to hear back from her. In the meantime, I just have to be really aware of all the potential places that Johnathan could come in contact with the lead paint. And we also will have him tested for lead in his blood at his 1 year doctor's visit. Anyways, Mama Bear here is in action, and there is nothin' that going to harm my young...nothin'!!!

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Aldape family said...

Way to go mama bear! Way to protect your little baby bear. Smart thinking. I never would have thought to do that.