Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walkin' the Talk!

A few posts ago, I wrote about giving our elders the respect and time of day that they deserve. I didn't want my words to be that only, I wanted to put into action what I was talking about. There is a phrase that comes to mind which I'm sure we all know that goes something like "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?" Meaning that words are meaningless if you don't act on them. So, Wednesday, I was walkin' the talk, and was able to spend some time at an assisted living home passing out home made cookies to the residents there. The story of how this all came about was actually due to my two Bright Lights girls, who I am very proud of!

Several weeks ago at one of our Bright Lights (Bible study) meetings, we had a lesson on ministering to others and also one on sharing the Good News. After going through the lessons, my girls, Arden and Mikaela, wanted to do something for some nursing home residents. There is an assisted living home really close to our house, so I called it up and spoke with a Sister Barbara there and asked if we could make some cookies to bring to the residents. She was more than pleased to let us, and it worked out for us to be able to go Wednesday afternoon.

After making about 6 dozen cookies around lunch-time, we wrapped them up and took them along with some Bible verse cards we'd made to give out to the ladies and gentlemen at the home. When we got there we spoke with Sister Barbara, and she sent us to the dining room where a lot of the residents had gathered for a guitarist who was playing for them. As soon as we showed up we had their full attention! I doubt they get home made, still warm from the oven cookies that often, so they were ready to enjoy a treat!

We handed the cookies and a Bible verse card out to each person, and I it was refreshing to hear a sincere thank-you from every one. You could tell that they really meant it. Afterwards, we mingled a bit, and showed off little mister Johnathan! Of course he was a huge attraction, and I heard "oh, I have some great-grand babies almost his age" and "I used to have a little one like him...and know he's 60!" Everyone, especially the ladies, thought that our lil' man was adorable and just the best baby ever!

We didn't stay quite as long as I thought we would since everyone sort of shuffled out right after they were done. A couple of ladies did seem to be craving some talk, and we were able to spend a little extra time with them. Arden and Mikaela really shined, and were so gracious to each person. We all want to go back again soon, and we're already planning our next visit. We're thinking maybe something for Easter!

I encourage each of you to walk the talk the next time the opportunity presents itself to you. It is amazing how it makes you feel, especially knowing that you were a bright spot, or should I say Bright Light, in someone's day.


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Gail said...

Can I just say, "AWWWW"! That is so great! I can just see you all being so sweet to those dear people and making their day! Love you, sis. You are indeed a bright light!