Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beanie Baby & Tribute to Auntie Glenna!!!

Last night Johnathan had one of his new meal faves...Beanie Wienies! Normally I'm not a big fan of this meal myself, but after sneaking a few bites of his food I actually kinda like it! I made his meal with Bush's Baked beans (of course!) and some Organic Grass-fed Beef hot dogs that I found at HEB. They are really good, and that's coming from a girl who doesn't really like hot dogs! As you can imagine, eating this yummy meal isn't exactly something you do wearing your Sunday best. It can get pretty messy, so I only let him enjoy this messy yumminess at dinner so that he can hop in the bath right after.

After making a really gooey, smelly mess, especially when he decided to smear his chicken and spinach all over his face along with the beans, he went directly to the bath tub. This brings us to the tribute to Auntie Glenna. When she was a baby, my mom would always do her hair in a curly mohawk type do. So here is Johnathan sporting his baby Auntie Glenna look...pretty cute, huh?!!! We love you Auntie Glenna!!!

P.S. See previous updated post with pictures!


Gail said...

So precious! I love his little teeth!

Aldape family said...

How cute and messy! It must be a boy thing to like beanie weinies. I am not a fan of hot dogs either, but I will have to give the grass fed beef ones a try. Have a great day.

Auntie Glenna said...

I love it! He looks oh so cute in his mohawk and super cute all messy too! I was pleasantly surprised to see my name pop up on the blog, how cool!! Love you!

Amy said...

What a cutie! We don't normally eat hot dog's around here but I will eat Vegetarian ones in baked beans as well as turkey hot dogs.