Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crazy, Wonderful Mess!

It's no secret that babies are messy. It just can't be helped, and no matter how hard I try to keep things in order throughout the day, well, it just doesn't happen. When Johnathan first started to roam beyond his infant play mat, we set up an area in our living room that would be just for him. A place that would be the home for all his little toys and treasures. At first he kept his things relatively close to their designated area, but that's all history now. Once he starts to play, our living room begins to look as if a tornado has hit!

When I first thought of having so many baby toys in the living room I wasn't exactly thrilled about the prospect of things being out of order. I like things neat, everything in it's place, and when things aren't that way I sometimes get a little stressed---yep, I really do! While I was struggling with the thought of messiness, I had a conversation with my sister Gwen about a time when our Mema had come to visit her apartment. Miles (my nephew) was down for a nap when Mema had arrived, and so Gwen's home looked neat and orderly. As soon as Miles woke up he started playing and of course things got messy really quick. As Miles enjoyed playing with his things, Mema said something to Gwen like " Now everything looks good. It looks like a baby lives here."

After hearing that, it really changed my perspective on messiness. Who wants a home that looks like a picture in a magazine all the time? Okay, I admit it, sometimes I do, but I'd much rather have a house that is a happy home for a child. A place where it's okay to just be a kid...and like I said at the beginning, kids are messy, so it's all part of the package! Of course when Johnathan is older we'll teach him how to clean up too, but for now we will just enjoy his crazy, wonderful mess!

A sample of what our living room looks like during a normal day!

When Johnathan is down for the night, the No-Mess Mommy comes out in me, and I get things all ready for another day! With the mess put back in order, at least I can sleep good at night!


Anonymous said...

Yep, my niece's sure like to make messes too especially with their dress up clothing, my nephew doesn't quite know how to make messes yet though since he's only almost 7 weeks old but he did roll over from his tummy to his back on Tuesday.

KellyW said...

We have a small house so our living room always looks a mess. Ryan's toys are strewn everywhere! I don't bother cleaning them up cause I know he'll just drag them all out the next da...ha! I just scoot them to the side so we have a walking path! Just think, one day all the baby toys will be gone and we'll miss them :-)