Monday, March 23, 2009

Mac 'n Cheese Disaster!

Yesterday while Johnathan was taking his morning nap I was trying to decide on what I was going to feed him for lunch. Now that he's getting older he is able to add a wider variety of foods to his diet, and since we had been stuck on turkey sandwiches for a while I wanted to try something new. So, looking in the pantry I picked out a box of Mac 'n' Cheese that I had purchased several weeks earlier...and not just any Mac 'n' Cheese mind you, Annie's Organic!

As it neared the time for him to wake up, I started to prepare his lunch and by the time that he finally made his first little I'm awake noises, I had his lunch all ready. I sat him down in his high chair and plopped some yummy Mac 'n' Cheese with Sweet Peas on his tray. He went after it, let me tell you, and he really seemed to be enjoying it. After a couple minutes I noticed that his face looked a little red around his mouth. I was actually looking to see if he would have any type of reaction since it was a new food, and I just wanted to make sure he did okay with it. Well, he did not! A few minutes more and he started rubbing his little chubby hands all over his face, especially around his eyes, and right after that the hives popped out all over his poor little face. His eyes started to get really swollen looking around them, and I was getting really scared! I called up Aaron really quick to find out the correct dosage of Benadryl to give Johnathan, and after administering that I rushed him to the tub to wash off any of the food that might have been on his skin.

Aaron told me to watch him and if the medicine didn't take effect in a couple minutes to take him to the ER...except that he had the car seat in his car! Oh, great! He was scheduled to get off around the time that I called him, and by the time I got Johnathan out of the bath he had made it home. Boy, was I glad to see him walking up to the house. The Benadryl started to work fairly soon after I gave it to Johnathan, and after about 30 minutes he looked pretty much back to normal...then he got another little flare up! So, more Benadryl and watching to see how Baby J. did with that, and two very anxious parents hoping that he was going to be okay. We didn't end up having to go to the ER, thankfully, and now I guess we might have to get Johnathan tested for allergies. I'll talk with his doctor about it when he goes for his 1 year check-up, and in the meantime I won't be trying any new foods. So much for trying to be all healthy and organic!


Glenna said...

Hives!!! Oh no! I hate those and I still occasionally get them, no fun!!!!

Precious Moments said...

Girl that is scary. I guess you just never know how they will react. I will keep that in mind. You would think mac n chees would be an easy one!

Amy said...

Poor little guy, good thing you have a doctor in your family though!

Aldape family said...

Oh no! Glad to hear my precious nephew is okay. Hopefully you won't be joining the epi- pen club with us! ...Although Ava got her first ant bite since her reaction last year and did not have a reaction this time! We will pray that Johnathan does not have any serious allergies and that he will out grow this soon. Love you guys!
Kayla / Tia