Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going for a swim...sort of!

Yesterday, after getting up early to continue our painting headache, I decided that it would be a perfect afternoon for a "swim." Johnathan had a little baby pool that he got last year (thanks Nana & Papi) and I've been wanting to try it out. So, after blowing it up, putting our suits on and getting the towels, we were all ready to fill up the pool and go swimming! Of course the pool is only meant for one baby, so Aaron and I were just going to lay in the sun and watch Johnathan enjoy the water.

As with most endeavors that you're excited about, things never quite go as planned. First off, it took a while to get the hose into the backyard since we had been using it to water the front. Then, once we did get the water in the pool it was freezing! So, I boiled a kettle of water to warm it up a bit---and then I boiled some more because it really was quite cold! No wonder Johnathan cried when we first tried to put him in the pool! Pobrecito!

Once we got things all set, Johnathan did enjoy playing in his little mushroom pool for about 10 minutes or so. All in all it was an okay "swimming" experience for us, and I was able to take some cute pictures of Johnathan before the big swim started. Aah, I just love looking at him in pictures. He is so incredibly cute!

I love his serious face here, so precious!
This picture could be titled "ha!" That is the sound he makes when his little face looks like that.
Sweet smile!
Checking something Daddy coming with the water???
Oh yeah, looking cool and relaxed at the pool. Anybody wanna join me?!!
Look at that big ol' noggin! It's still sort of big looking, but a perfect place for kisses!!!
Oh, this one just makes me melt! Isn't he so sweet looking?!!
Cute little buddy!
I just love his little legs! So squeezable!!!


Amy said...

What a cute little guy and getting so big!

KellyW said...

He's so cute! I took Ryan to our community pool the other day. It was cold water too, but he didn't seem to!

Gail said...

My goodness! Warm enough in Corpus to swim already? That's great! It's cold here!! Love the pics and all the cute poses and faces. :)

Auntie Fay