Thursday, March 12, 2009

We're Back!!!

Phew! After over 3 weeks of being deprived of my blogging (minus my one attempt on Aaron's phone), I am back in the Land of Blogger and so glad to be home! :) Although our "hiatus" was not planned, it was sort of a blessing in disguise. Sometimes it takes something being taken away for you to realize just how much time you were spending/wasting on it. Not that blogging is a waste of time, actually it is sort of like therapy to me because I love to write, but I was spending a little too much time on the computer doing other stuff that was "just for fun"...eBaying, shopping (or at least window shopping), etc. So, in the absence of my computer time these past weeks, I have discovered new and fun things to do instead. Johnathan and I have both benefited from the lack of a working computer, and even though it's working now, I still plan to limit my time on it, and devote it to more important my sweet boy!!!

These past few weeks have been some fun ones as Johnathan has continued to change, and to adapt to his ever-growing abilities. He is now saying several words, some of them just babble words, but some of them he will say at the appropriate time which is awesome. My favorite is when he is finished eating and will put his arms up and say "ah-dah" (i.e. all done)!!! We have been practicing that for a while, and just in the last week or so he has really caught on and says it at the end of every meal now. It's so cute!

Johnathan has also learned to clap, and really seems to love his new trick! Oh, and one of the things that he loves to do is to head-butt...we tell him "noggin" and he will head-butt us! Aaron taught him that little trick, inspired from the Finding Nemo movie. If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about. :)

The weather here has been beautiful lately, and has allowed us many trips to the park. Luckily there is one just a few blocks from our home, and if our schedule allows it, we try to visit it daily. Johnathan loves the swing, and is content to go back and forth for ages in it. He looks so cute all tucked into the baby swing, and really enjoys the time that we're able to spend outdoors.

Aaron continues to stay busy, although this week we've been blessed to have him home every day for the "staycation" that he was able to take. The way that his schedule was this week allowed him to take a couple days off in order to be home the whole week!!! It's been nice to be home with him, and I know that he is enjoying some extra time with his little boy...and with me too!!!

Aside from spending most of my day watching over and caring for my little monkey, I have also continued to do my bi-monthly Bible study with my cousin Arden and her friend Mikaela. I really enjoy doing this, and it is a bright spot in my life. I've also been able to connect with some of the other young moms whose husbands are residents too. We started going to the library on Tuesday mornings for the children's reading club. It's a 45 minute read and sing for young kids, and Johnathan loves it. He has really started to take an interest in books, and his day is not complete unless we've read some. He also loves looking through them himself, and will sit on the floor and turn the pages in his little board books. He is quite the intellectual!

Well folks, that's all for now. I'll post more as it comes! Love y'all. Miss y'all. Bye-bye!


Precious Moments said...

Hey! I wondered about you. Girl I dont know what I would do without blogging! It really is therapy, or something, because I love it-ha!

Glad you have your computer back...Love yall! Oh, and Brandon wanted me to ask what kind of doctor Aaron wants to be?? Is it an OB? I knew you said he delivered a baby but I didnt know for sure.

Dad/Grandpa said...

Hey Grace! Love the post... and hearing about my cute, adorable, Nemo noggin', smarty pants grandson! Also love your perspective on what God was showing you while you were offline. Wonderful to hear about things! You've made me smile!

Love you, Dad (and proud Grandpa of your little monkey)

Amy said...

Good to see around;)

Gail said...

Gracie, I loved hearing about all the cute and wonderful things you, Aaron and J are doing! I love you and miss you all...can't wait to see you in April!