Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This past weekend we were able to spend some time with Johnathan's Papi & Nana---Aaron's folks. They got here (late!) Friday night, and were able to stay until Sunday afternoon. As with most of our family gatherings, we enjoyed a lot of good food, several cups of hot coffee and lots of time playing with everyone's favorite little monkey, Johnathan! Speaking of our lil' monkey, he even got to open up some birthday and Easter gifts a little early...and like every good child, he enjoyed the wrapping almost more than the presents! Haha! As if he wasn't spoiled enough already, he now has even more fun learning toys to enjoy. He also got some really cute clothes...he is going to be stylin' this summer!

One of the highlights of the weekend was the visit we were able to make to Robert's (Papi's) Uncle Julio & Aunt Ophelia Aldape. They are a true testament to long lasting marriage...60+ years and still going strong! They are hilarious to be around, and you can tell that laughter has been a big part of their life. Some of Papi's cousins were also able to be there, and everyone had a blast hanging out with Johnathan. He was such a trooper that day. He went all day with only one 30 minute nap in the morning. Usually he takes a long morning nap and a pretty good afternoon one too, so I was so happy that he was able to make it with just a tiny nap for the whole day. And he was so happy all day too! Way to go Johnathan!

I will post pics of our weekend soon...I just need to get them from Papi. Somehow I forgot to take some with our camera. As soon as I have some I'll put 'em up! Love you all!

Playing with his new farm animal puzzle...thanks Papi & Nana!
Looking at his Easter Bunny (thanks tatarabuela, Celia) & hanging out with his new big lambie!
Enjoying his new toys!
Playing with Papi!
Cute little Monkey!
Look at that long hair...and the drool dripping off his lips! Hehe!
Posing with his Nana!
Precious boy!
Salsa dancing with Mama...we love us some Enrique Iglesias!
Walking in his space ship walker!
Trying to eat his little lambie...yumm!